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11411 West Colfax Avenue
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11411 West Colfax Avenue Lakewood, CO 80215
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review rating saints
After dealing with the ravings of lunatics (from buying cars from Car Hop) these guys made the rest of the day go well. They were so kind...and actually FIXED my car..unlike the other service shops Car Hop approves service at under warranty...I am a fan...thank you...appreciate you...

lakewood, CO
review rating Amazing Experience 10 stars!!!!!
I brought my car to Midas on Colfax ave in Lakewood Colorado because it would not start, the check engine light was on, and I was nervous. My grandchildren ride in the car and I need it to be operating properly and to be reliable at all times. Kevin and Brice were extremely helpful, and even more so, seirous yet lighthearted. They spent time to ask me about what the vehicle was doing, and they made sure to not only hear, but listen to and truly understand every aspect of, all of my concerns with my car. They got my car in and looked at, Kevin called me, this is when I got nervous. Kevin told me, what I was scared of hearing, my car needed a lot of work, and that this was the first step in the repair, and there may be other issues, but this needed to be done before anything else could be known. He then told me that he was very confident that this would repair it, and if not, if the engine could not be repaired, and had to be replaced, the work done today would be credited to, not added on, replacing the engine. Kevin was genuinely concerned about me and my vehicle. I could hear it in his voice, he actually cared about me not just himself! That is so rare these days. Kevin mentioned that he got into this business to help people, and he meant it! Kevin and Brice took the time to explain every aspect of everything to me. Brice explained the diagnostic process, exactly what was going to be done to diagnose, step by step. Kevin called me with the results, and without me even prying, or asking a question at all, Kevin explained what each part did and why that caused the motor to act that way. Kevin and Brice, both wanted to make 100% certain that I understood what my car was doing before, what parts were being replaced, why the parts were being replaced, why those parts failing caused the issues, and exactly what the repair would do. They even took the time to ensure that I knew why further work may be needed. I was so confident and clear about every aspect of the repair, and I could not believe how in depth their diagnostic process was. They actually took the time to figure out what the problem was and how to fix it! They even made a point to make sure I didn't spend money where I didn't have to. Kevin's exact words were "before you spend money on tires or a battery, let's make sure the car starts and drives." Never before have I had a mechanic be so upfront and honest with me. They kept me informed every step of the way. They got me approved for a credit card that I didn't end up using, but I will use it when I return next week for the tires that I need. They got my car fixed and had it running better then ever. Finally a mechanic I can trust! Thank you to Kevin and Brice and the whole crew. Thank you for ensuring I didn't spend extra money, thank you for your honest, in depth and personalized explanation, thank you for actually fixing the problem, and most of all, thank you for your concern. I have lived down the road from this location for 8 years now, and I have never gone there. This will be my ONLY repair shop from now on! These young men know customer service like no other, and like I said they focused on, and shared, MY concern. Kevin and Brice truly looked out for me. It's the holiday season and they ensured that I was able to keep as much money as possible. To have a mechanic tell me not to spend extra money until we all know it's worth it, was a mind blowing experience. All you ever here is mechanics trying to get you to spend as much as possible. Not here! Not them! Again thank you Kevin and Brice for your honesty, integrity, communication, and genuine concern for me and my vehicle. My grandchildren ride in this vehicle it feels so good to be confident in it again! I have been driving for over 40 years, and finally I found a mechanic I can trust. What a relief! What a true pleasure to have done business with these young men! Kevin even added some humor to lighten a stressful situation! He made me feel even better about everything! He called me a said "Eugine, do you want the good news or the bad news?" I said "good first" Kevin says "good news, the repair was a success the car runs and drives great! Bad news, you were right, you need a battery." I was so pleased that they got the vehicle repaired, and couldn't help but laugh right along with Kevin! I had mentioned to Kevin and Brice, when I dropped my vehicle off that I might need a battery. But before they put a battery in the car, and I spent more money, they wanted to ensure that the engine would run properly. I told them to replace the battery, while laughing. I told Kevin "that was the best bad news I had ever received!" I then thanked Kevin and Brice for everything, and told them I would be there in the morning to pick up my vehicle. Once again thank you to Kevin, Brice and their whole crew. What genuine, honest, and caring gentleman. I could not have dreamt of a better experience at a mechanic if I tried.

lakewood, CO
review rating To the Rescue
Traveling out of the Denver mountains to Minnesota, my wheel bearing failed. I pulled into the Midas shop on Colfax at closing time and explained my dilemma. Once they saw the seriousness of my situation, they were able to have a part delivered in 10 minutes and ask some technicians to stay to install it. Back on the road in 45 minutes. Thanks to Thomas, Dave, Andy, and Kelly for getting us back to Minnesota safely.

Saint Paul, MN
review rating Customer Service
Had an amazing experience with the crew, especially with my mechanic Ian who went out of his way to make sure that I was taken cared of. Finally I found a trustworthy mechanic who knows his stuff and has a kind heart.

11411 West Colfax ave , CO
review rating service
Quick attentive service that identified an "easy fix" The heat shield was creating the rattling. He showed me, bent it back and sent me on my way at no charge. I was very happy for the honesty.

11411 W. Colfax, CO
review rating super
These are super people there.They explained all that they needed to do and why. I would have anyone to have there work done here. Thank you so much for the fine work you people do.

Lakewood, CO
review rating Excellent repair work
A big thank you for examining,replacing defective tire component. Your staff does a super professional job.

Denver, CO
review rating First Class!
I cannot thank the store manager, Rick Bauer, enough for his courtesy and generosity. I blew a tire on my way to work and went in hoping for a quick change to some spares I had in my trunk from a change to snow tires before winter. Understandably, he was booked solid and was unable to do anything immediately, but advised he would make sure he worked out the schedule to get it done by the end of the day, even though the day was already completely booked. I could not take him up on this generous offer, and instead asked if I could use the parking lot to make the change to my donut instead, which he allowed. He then proceeded to take time out of his busy day to assist me with the change. Not only assist though, he basically did it for me, free of charge. I just handed him anything I could to help. I am sure anyone can attest to the fact that a tire change is not a quick process with a standard tire iron and trunk jack but, with Rick's help, a quality jack, and powered socket, he had the tire changed out for me in less than 10 minutes, making me less than 30 minutes late for work, instead of at least an hour. He then let me know of some of the great deals that they currently have on tires, which I was not aware Midas sold and will be going back for on payday. This was all completely unexpected, and very much appreciated, as I am not aware of any shops, let alone shop managers, that would have gone out of their way to assist like Rick did. Midas Lakewood will be my go to for any future work needed, thanks to Rick. His card hangs firmly on the refrigerator.

Denver, CO
review rating Great Service!
The service was quick and excellent. Joe my mechanic was especially great and he changed the wiper blades and fixed the windshield washer fluid quickly so I could continue my trip cross country.

Lakewood, CO-US
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