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2620 Windmill Parkway Henderson, NV 89074
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review rating Glad I didn't go somewhere else!
I have been taking my car to Midas for at least 7 years. That alone says a lot. Finding a great place to take your vehicle is like finding a good doctor or dentist. You want someone who will confidently solve your problem. I recently had an issue with my vehicle on the way home from work one night. I knew that it needed to go into the shop in the morning. I was really nervous about driving it and contemplated taking it to one of several shops near my home. After mulling over it that night, I still took it to Midas. I have a long history there and would rather take it to people who know my car. And again they got me safely and promptly back on the road and they didn't scheister me either. In the past 7 years, there has never been a time when I was not welcomed, not taken care of, or my car problem not solved. I appreciate the fantastic service by people who are knowledgeable and effective and won't trust my car anywhere else. Like finding a good doctor, you don't want to go anywhere else!

Windmill Parkway, NV
review rating Corey and his crew are amazing!
I was visiting Las Vegas from Colorado and had a problem with my lights (turn signals, brake lights, hazards, etc.). I had called the Honda dealer and they didn't have a clue what the problem could be. The guys at the automotive store up the street from Midas didn't have a clue either, so I turned around and went to Midas. Pulled up, explained to Corey what my issues were and he stopped what he was doing to take a look. They researched and were finally able to figure it out. They found that the Relay Switch needed to be replaced, as well as the rear brake light bulbs, turn signal bulbs, etc. on the front and back left. They didn't hesitate to help me out and fixed the problems. I was able to get back to Colorado safely and with working lights. I would definitely recommend Corey and his crew at Midas. They were awesome!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the pizza!

Grand Junction, CO
review rating Honesty Best Policy
I went into midas to have my brake pads replaced after the Henderson Nissan Dealership told me they were in need of immediate replacement. After inspection I was told by Midas technicians that the brakes were absolutely fine and it would be a waste of money to replace them. Although I didn't have the work done here I appreciate the honesty of the workers and will definitely use their service whn the time comes. Thanks Midas!

Henderson, NV
review rating Respectful Superior Service
I went to have my car checked for the Check Engine light being on. My car is an older 1997 Ford Escort. It needed a lot of work. It need brakes, a radiator, belts & a tune-up. I didn't have the funds available to fix it so Dan got me signed up for their "Car Care One Card" with no interest charge/same as cash for 6-months. They got me done with all of the needed repairs in the same day. This place is a God send. I was treated with dignity & respect. They really care about their customers.Thanks Midas

2975 Bluegrass ln, NV
review rating Truly Fantastic Service
I have had my Jeep in to this Midas Shop a couple of times now. The service is truly fantastic. The manager Dan & his crew are great. This is the best shop I have ever been to. I got fast, friendly service with people I now totally trust completely. I was told by another shop that my overheating problem on my Jeep was that it needed the radiator replaced. Dan's guys checked it out and only needed the burnt out electric fan replaced. Midas knows its stuff. I will always take my cars there from now on. Truly fantastic.

2620 Windmill Pkwy Hendeson, NV
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