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Midas Omaha
9009 West Center Road
Omaha, NE 68124

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9009 West Center Road Omaha, NE 68124
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review rating almost stranded
Hello. I want to extend a THANK YOU!!!! to the long bearded gentleman who assisted me this morning/early afternoon. YOUR Truly a GODSEND, Gentleman and a Professional. I was driving a 2004 red Chevy Colorado. After having worked a 13 hour shift as a county nightnurse , I'm exhausted, get off work and my truck wont start. I got jumped, and on the road and couldn't do more than 20mph. PERIOD!!!! I had a 20 min drive home via interstate!!! As I putted and sputtered down the road, I see the Midas shop and as luck would have it I've left my billfold at home. this is only par for the coarse !! I pull into the shop and explain my entire dilemma to this long bearded gentleman. He pulls my truck in and does a quick diagnostics to determine its not something simple like battery or alternator. He makes a quick assessment, jiggled and tapped on what he determined the problem to be and stated this should at least get me home safely. And It DID Despite how some may project the world to be... I truly believe that people are innately GOOD.. And today I feel Blessed to be a benefactor of my beliefs. Midas your truly a God send and Thank you ALMOST STRANDED

omaha, NE
review rating Service
My family has been going to this Midas for years. Brad and his crew have always given us excellent, courteous and professional service.

Omaha, NE
review rating Awesome!!!
I have been going to this shop for a long time. The employees are always very nice and do a very good job on my car.

omaha, NE
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