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420 West Street Road Warminster, PA 18974
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review rating Inspection
As is the norm, I was treated with respect and was kept informed of exactly any updates on my car's maintenance. I found out that my tires that I had to purchase elsewhere, were never aligned and decided to balance and align them at the time. My tires, even though they had very few miles on them, were not wearing evenly! I was appreciative of their information, and once again happy that I go out of my way to patronize this location! Great job, guys!!

Trevose, PA
review rating Exhaust
Friendly, helpful, same day job as a walk in, will recommend to everyone

Richboro, PA
review rating Time for an oil change
Once again my experience is a positive one! Oil change but also I was made aware of the need to replace my wiper blade, which I was aware was an issue. I was informed that even though my battery was in the red zone, that it probably would be alright for the time being. I elected to have it done then rather than in the middle of the winter! I was told that when I returned next month my inspection should pass without a hitch!! Thanks again guys!!

Trevose, PA
review rating Service Thank You
The Warminster shop has serviced my cars during the 6 yrs I have lived in the area, and they have been nothing but professional. During a recent visit with a flat tire which had been destroyed as a result of a nail punter, Brian the local service technician reminded me to check to see if I had purchased a tire warranty. His reminder saved me $150. This is but one of the reasons I continue to have my car serviced by the professionals at the Warminster Midas. Ron W.

Warminster, PA
review rating Above and Beyond!
We were traveling to Warrington from Connecticut to visit relatives when our brake line decided to break. We originally dropped our car at 7:30 a.m. yesterday morning at O'Neil GMC on Street Rd. with an assurance that they could get to our car and a diagnosis call by 9:30 a.m. Well, by 3:00 we hadn't heard a thing and when my husband stopped in to check on the progress he was received with a haughty and curt response that they hadn't even taken a look at our car yet. My husband then proceeded to call Midas and spoke with Curtis Charlton who was more than willing to help us. After Drew fixed the brake line he then told us he couldn't in good conscience let us leave without completing a brake pad fix also. Both men stayed til 8:45 p.m. to be sure the job was done and done right. Thank you for your help and willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate us so we could get back on the road to home. Job well done, gentlemen!!

Avon, CT
review rating seriously, again!!
Yes, once again I have been treated with not only the utmost of respect and recognized and addressed by my first name, but equally with fantastic service! J.R. is always there answering any questions or concerns I may have regarding my vehicle. He always goes over services that may be needed in the near future, and the cost it should run for that service. J.R. is also just a really nice and personable guy and always makes the time go quickly while I am waiting for my oil change. Keep up the great customer service, it's always a pleasure!!

420 W. Street Rd, PA
review rating 2003 TrailBlazer
I just want to express the fine customer service this location in Warminster has. My truck was going to require replacing transmission lines underneath, DJ hooked me up with a rental just up the street for a day. After returning my rental the next day, I later learned my truck needed extensive surgery to the transmission lines that involved maneuvering cables that were intertwined with the muffler. The mechanic who worked on it was relentless, stayed 1 1/2 hours, after hours to make sure the job was done right. I admire the dedication this mechanic demonstrated.

Warminster, PA
review rating Routine Oil Change
Enjoyable getting an oil change? Yep when you get to be with people you can trust! JR always remembers me and treats me with respect, and professionalism! Even though I had to travel from Morrisville where I work all the way to Warminster and passed many places closer, this is a trip that is always worth my while! I also have my friend (and she can be picky), going there and with the same high regards! JR is never pushy, just states if and what is recommended, and I appreciate that and not only will I continue to service my car there, I will continue to recommend them and their service to anyone willing to listen!!

Trevose, PA
review rating Great Job
Brian did an inspection on my breaks finding an additional problem that was not told to me by the dealer who did the original inspection. Brian showed me the problem and what was needed to be done to fix the problem. Being that the car only had 26,000 miles on it he suggested I contact my dealer to check on warranty. Needless to say he was concerned with my safety, not to make a purchase. They were honest and thorough with their explanation. As it turned out it was a warranty product and I am thankful Brian set me in the right direction. Thank you Brian and Curtis for all your help. Not all businesses take the time like you gentlemen did to make sure I fully understand the situation and for that I say thank you a bunch.

Jamison, PA
review rating Great service, price & customer service!
Not only did I get a great price & excellent service, their customer service was outstanding. Curtis & JR were very upfront about all the work, the cost & answered all my questions. From the free estimate to when I picked up the car, they were nothing but professional and willing to help anyway they could. JR even offered to deliver my car to my home for me since we were in the middle of a big snow storm. I didn't take him up on that offer but when I went to pick up the car, it was in the garage dry & warm. I'll definitely use them again and happily refer their services.

Warminster, PA
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