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18783 N. 83rd Avenue
Peoria AZ 85382
Rating: 5 of 5 stars110 reviews

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Store Hours
7:30AM - 6:00PM
7:30AM - 5:00PM

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18783 N. 83rd Avenue
Peoria AZ 85382
Rating: 5 of 5 stars110 reviews

Write a review

Store Hours
7:30AM - 6:00PM
7:30AM - 6:00PM
7:30AM - 6:00PM
7:30AM - 6:00PM
7:30AM - 6:00PM
7:30AM - 5:00PM

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Midas auto service and tire service garage.
Midas auto service and tire service garage


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Midas peoria is your one-stop shop for brakes, oil changes, tires and all your auto repair needs.

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Midas stores are owned and operated by families in your community dedicated to providing high quality auto repair service at a fair price. And their work is backed by our famous Midas guarantee* whether you need an oil change or tires, factory recommended maintenance, or brake repair, your local Midas has you covered.

*See store for applicability and limited guarantee terms

Average Rating: 5 of 5 stars110 reviews

Great Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
Shout out to Richie. Great customer service to me and everyone who entered the store.

- Steven P.

Name correction on first review   5 of 5 stars
I stated on my first review an employees name that I made a mistake On,: I stated the employees name as Jonathon I was Wrong! His name is “Shawn”. As I Was a service advisor at ford for 15yrs. This a employee is one of the best!... sorry Shawn. Please try Midas on 83rd ave / union hills. U won’t be sorry

- Max S.

Best repair shop   5 of 5 stars
After retiring from ford (service Dept) after 15 yrs I moved to sun city Az. I been plagued with shops here that either really Don’t know what there doing, or selling repair to me that might work or not. If Not charge u anyway. Well I found a place it Midas on 83ave and union hills. From a concerned manager, asst Jonathan (who I would conceder on of the best Service advisors)and also a Mech name is Rod. Iam telling you this team is the best !! Don’t remember all the employee names but it’s ok, you’ll be back!

- Max S.

No BS   5 of 5 stars
No BS, up front with any issues discovered during routine inspections. Great folks...

- Robin P.

OIL CHANGE SERVICE   5 of 5 stars
Excellent and comprehensive service, more than oil change; rotated tires, discerned age of tires and condition, checked air filters-good condition-no change(honesty). checked and topped off fluids, general look over. (extra touch...backed into parking space so we could just drive out and put up the windshield cover to keep the sun out) nice... THESE GUYS CARE ABOUT YOUR CAR!


great service   5 of 5 stars
Great service, car was done on time. Professional, friendly, very helpful.

- Julie K.

Awesome Midas team   5 of 5 stars
We found this Midas while on vacation and since moving to AZ, my family and myself only take our vehicles to this location. Doyle and his crew are professional and go out of their way to help individuals with their car needs. Their honest and trustworthy and they get the job done. Thanks guys!

- Terina H.

Great, fast, and personable   5 of 5 stars
They took care of my oil change quickly and also let me know about my alignment and how the tow were off. The staff was friendly and personable. We shared many laughs! Also they have coupons on their website to get you discounts on their services!

- Roger T.

Great Job!!   5 of 5 stars
Excellent, friendly service!!

- Mike P.

Shop Manager and team   5 of 5 stars
Just moved into the neighborhood and Doyle was very professional and personable when introducing Midas and the services offered. Team was also very friendly at front desk. Completed services in a timely manner.

- Brian G.

Outstanding!!!!   5 of 5 stars
I drive the freeway EVERY day during rush hour traffic. 70 miles a day round trip. I could feel the need for new brakes (after all it's been 35,000 miles in stop and go traffic.) I went online and requested an appointment. I received a call shortly there after. Discussed the reason I wanted to bring my car in and it turns out, I needed my front rotors replaced and my back's turned. Didn't take the crew long and they were honest, courteous and professional. I HIGHLY recommend taking your vehicle in for service even if it's just for a check up.

- Craig T.

Courteous service   5 of 5 stars
The gentleman at this Midas are fantastic. Polite, courteous, and they don’t use high tactics to sell you things you don’t need.

- Candace J.

Great customer service   5 of 5 stars
I was recently in this business and chose to wait for my repairs rather than to drop my truck off. I was there for approximately two and a half hours so, and I was able to observe quite a bit that went on. It was an extremely busy day there, and I watched as Richie who works the front counter as the salesman, dealt with some very difficult people who had unreasonable expectations or were unhappy with the cost of the repairs that needed to be done. Richie did an outstanding job of explaining in great detail everything that needed to be done and why it needed to be done. He also tried to cut the customers costs where he could legitimately and if he couldn't, he gave good reason why he could not. He showed great patience and not once did I see him look exasperated with what I thought were extremely unreasonable requests.

- Denver W.

huh??   3 of 5 stars
Maybe - felt your prices are high

- Linda W.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
I received very good service on my vehicle. I will definitely continue to have my car serviced at Midas in the future.

- Linda M.

As avertised   5 of 5 stars
Services required explained well, and timely. will visit again.

- Tim J.

Amazing!!!   5 of 5 stars
Thank you Doyle and your team for 11 years of taking care of my families vehicles. Your professionalism and amazing customer service is the best in the industry! I highly recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you ??

- Nicole W.

Front end alignment and oil change   5 of 5 stars
I had to bring my truck in for service and was happy that I did. They staff and especially Richie was extremely helpful. They performed the work and even pointed out additional work that may be needed in the future- just for my benefit and safety. Thanks again

- Doug L.

Oil change   5 of 5 stars
Service advisor was very friendly and very helpful! Will use this store again

- Pam L.

Transfer case seal and rewelded bad muffler welds   5 of 5 stars
Ricky and Doyle treated me just right when I went in for service. Ricky diagnosed leaking muffler welds. He fixed them up and also recommended a new seal on the out put on my transfer case. There was a bad seal and hence a bad oil leak too. It was replaced and the initial problem went away.. Doyle took me home and picked me up when my truck was finished. I was real grateful for that. Yes, I would recommend ANYONE to go to that MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP at 18783 N. 83rd Ave. in Peoria and get any work done. They are AWESOME!!! Ralph A.

- Ralph A.

Always good   4 of 5 stars
I had several flushes done along with an oil change (I always get it done here), Richie put a couple of guys on it and had me outa there in a flash, great service. Thanks

- Derek P.

The Best!   5 of 5 stars
These guys knew how to get me in and out of the door, doing a great job like they always do. I appreciated their kindness and good work. Got my brakes done correctly and quickly!

- Zac W.

Great job!   5 of 5 stars
Midas was honest and very professional. They did an amazing job on my car and they did it for a fair price. I would recommend Midas to everyone. This is the first mechanic that I went to that made me feel like they were on my side. Thank you for your professionalism and honesty.

- Brandon S.

rating   5 of 5 stars
yes I would recommend Midas to everyone my car brakes are good. Thank you

- Ebeth Y.

Oil change and wheel alignment   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service and friendly and professional staff.

- Ramona D.

Great   5 of 5 stars
Keep up the good work.

- John F.

Excellent Referral   5 of 5 stars
I just moved into the area and started to use this Midas for my oil changes. I called and asked about a diesel radiator flush. I commented that I was having a strong acidic smell from the fluid. Rather than doing the flush and taking my money, they made a referral to another business that found the problem. This tells me this Midas location puts its customers ahead of expediency and profit!!!!! I love that. So rare.

- DJ D.

.   5 of 5 stars

- Melvin H.

Always great, reliable, and fair service   5 of 5 stars
This is my favorite car shop, by far. The guys are always very professional and helpful, and I’ve never felt like I was sold services that I didn’t need. Richie in particular has helped me a couple of times and is always knowledgeable and very helpful.

- Denise M.

Considerate   5 of 5 stars
Was in and out in a timely manner. Everyone was very nice. My vehicle was checked throughout and I was given a report.

- Kathy G.

tires   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service

- Candace J.

So far!   5 of 5 stars
I have been using Midas for years! The new crew - so far has done great! Doyle was very polite and professional- I don’t know the techs yet! I am a person who likes to know their credentials- They just did our Jeep! They use to work on our QX56 for years! So Far - Good!

- Bill H.

Journey service   5 of 5 stars
Thank you Doyle for taking such good care of George and I with the Journey and the Avalanche - Best Service ever!

- Barbra R.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Took our journey in for battery then our avalanche truck. Doyle was our service mgr and was professional and very thorough. Thank you for all your assistance.

- Barbra R.

overall appointment   5 of 5 stars
The service was excellent and the personnel very knowledgeable.

- Linda M.

Jim F   5 of 5 stars
A* they had me in and out when they said cost was fair

- Jim F.

Satisfied Customer   5 of 5 stars
I had a great experience at Midas on 83rd Ave. in Peoria AZ. The customer service was very friendly and professional. Richard took really good care of my car and my son and daughter-in-laws vehicle. We left feeling like we were part of the Midas family. I would truly recommend anyone to this location. Signed, satisfied customer

- Latrice J.

Invader Pest Management Fleet Service   5 of 5 stars
A true measure of a man or a company, is not that they are perfect, but rather how well they take care of an issue! As a business owner, I know we strive to deliver the best, but stuff happens, and we always try to make it right if it does. Midas has truly impressed me, there was an issue, but they FIXED it! I didnt beg or demand, they volunteered, it was a big deal, and they simply took charge and did everything right! I highly recommend MIdas on Peoria and 67th Ave. They service my entire fleet of vehicles, and I trust them, even more now!!!

- Fred W.

Integrity in a Shady Industry   5 of 5 stars
Having a chronic health condition, for me, means making sure my fiance is safe in the event that something happens to me. Clearly, I want to make sure she has safe transportation. Not being able to physically work on a vehicle leaves my fiance and I in a vulnerable position. It means that we have to rely on the integrity of those in the auto repair industry. We don't have a lot of disposable income. So, when it comes to auto repair, we have to make sure that we are only having items serviced that truly need to be serviced. But my condition leaves us in the position of being easy targets to those in the auto repair industry. So, if you're looking for an auto repair shop that will actually tell you that your brakes are fine and you don't need to spend money, or, if you're looking for an auto repair shop that will work to make your car safe while keeping you on budget, or, if you're looking for an auto repair shop that truly explains what needs to be repaired and why, or, if you're looking for an auto repair shop that you can truly trust, or, if you're looking for an auto repair shop that provides the type of customer service you only see in commercials, you don't have to look anymore. Whether it's close or far from your home, there is no question that you should make Midas at 18783 N. 83rd Ave in Peoria, AZ your auto repair shop. My fiance and I have utilized their services four times this year. All four experiences were simply amazing. And, I can say with complete confidence, this is the only auto repair shop that we will ever use. Doyle, Richie, Shawn (sorry if I didn't spell this correctly), and the rest of the staff always make us feel like we are the only customers in existence. I'm sure they make all of their customers feel this way. Just yesterday, we again experienced an amazing delivery of customer service. A repair service that was due to take the better part of the day, was completed in just hours because several team members jumped on the job at the same time. In addition, to the necessary repairs, Shawn noticed the headlight lenses were very cloudy. He took it upon himself to address that and make sure the lenses were nice and clear so the light is visible. This demonstrated, to me, that he knew how important my fiance's safety is to me. Richie did a fantastic job of explaining which needed maintenance items were most important to address. He greeted us with a smile. He ensured that we were very well informed. Doyle made it possible for us to get the final leg of our repair process completed. We weren't sure how we were going to pull it off. However, Doyle made it his mission to ensure that we could. I know that he did more for us than any other auto repair shop on the planet would ever be willing to do. For that, we are forever grateful. Like I said, at the start of this review, I am not well. If I should succumb to my health condition, I can rest comfortably knowing that my fiance is in a very safe car that she can truly rely on. Doyle even assured me, that if something happened to me because of my health condition, he would make sure that my fiance had safe and reliable transportation. That is beyond customer service. That is a genuine example of humanity. My fiance and I would like to sincerely thank this amazing team for making us feel like family, keeping us on budget, making our car safe and reliable, and for doing more than requested in the name of safety. Never change. You are truly an example of Integrity in a Shady Industry. Customer for life, Stephen Kowalski

- Stephen K.

good service but very overpriced   3 of 5 stars
the service was good. employees friendly but almost $60 to balance tires is a bit much.

- Nicole V.

A pleasure   5 of 5 stars
Good friendly service and work

- Frank J.

I trust MIDAS   5 of 5 stars
Great customer service, professional, reliable and friendly. Always willing to help.

- Robert W. W.

Oil Change   4 of 5 stars
Walk ins welcome, took a couple of hours but overall very pleased and price was good. Will be coming back!

- Jose V.

Great guys awesome customer service   5 of 5 stars
I had a great experience at this Midas the sale rep Ritchie was the best , he was very professional , gave me multiple discounts on everything I need ,All the guys there had great service and they was swamp when I came , so Ritchie had me come back in the morning and discounted everything I had done and took care of one job free of charge, I highly recommend this Midas to anyone who needs ,any mechanical work or oil changes

- William B.

New tires, battery...   5 of 5 stars
I called them panicked that my daughters car would be dropped off via a tow truck and they were amazing. Took care of everything. They did it quick and explained what they did. You never feel like you are taken advantage of. The best!!!!

- Chuck M.

full service   5 of 5 stars
Great as usual, but I did notice that I have no windshield fluid and I thought all levels would have been checked.

- Page S.

I’ve been going here for over five years....   5 of 5 stars
I’ve been treated beyond in a professional way and all my issues with autos taken care of! Always my go to shop.

- Jenn D.

?   5 of 5 stars
We were treated like long lost friends, really felt welcome. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

- John B.

Fantastic service!   5 of 5 stars
All of the guys were professional and prompt. I appreciate their honesty and excellent customer service.

- Wendy W.

Ms Donna Taylor   5 of 5 stars
Very pleased with customer service and amount of wait time. Staff was knowledgible and courtesy. Would definitely recommend this location.

- Donna T.

Great Job in Diagnosing Electrical Issue   5 of 5 stars
Appreciate the crew at Midas going the extra mile in figuring out electrical issue in my car. It was a tough one!

- Tom M.

Excellent service!   5 of 5 stars
I made an appointment for an oil change and for them to look at my starter. The team tested my car and realized it was my battery. They replaced my battery and changed the oil in a timely manner.

- Haley A.

My Midas is Magnificent   5 of 5 stars
This was my first time taking my truck to someone other than the dealership for service. I must say it was a very good experience. From the manager to the technician, I was treated well and the price was right as well! Thank you Midas Store #3003

- Linda S.

Great job   5 of 5 stars
I needed air and cabin filters and I got in the same day. It was half the cost of Honda. Guy even showed me how to do it myself. I really appreciated that.

- Gina I.

Amazing shop great service   5 of 5 stars
I can always count on This shop for great customer service and they always take great care of my cars and all their customers

- Nicole W.

Excellent Service!   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service! Very attentive to the expectations of the customer. Explained vehicle needs in language that was easy to understand and quoted prices accordingly. Great experience. I would recommend this location for all your vehicle's needs.

- Katherine D.

Great   5 of 5 stars
Great costumer service. Great prices! I definitely recommend midas if anything ever goes wrong with your vehicle. Thank you guys!

- Justin A.

would recommend for sure   5 of 5 stars
Quick and quality service.

- Daniel W.

New manager   4 of 5 stars
This location has a new manager named Kevin. I was very pleased with my last visit. Kevin worked with me to get the big job done and for a reasonable price. My engine light is finally off and hopefully for good. Kevin is very helpful and knowledgeable.

- Cindy G.

Air conditioning   5 of 5 stars
I always feel like I am being taken care of and not taken advantage of. We take all three of our cars there.

- Chuck M.

Legit, good guys   5 of 5 stars
Just moved back to AZ and my family mechanic closed his shop- these guys are great, they're my "go-to's" now. My old, old, buick (Bruce) is happier than ever!

- Morgan M.

Trustworthy service   5 of 5 stars
I trust in the management and service people at this location and appreciate the excellent work they do in servicing my vehicle.

- Linda M.

Fast service   5 of 5 stars
Midas always does a great job. They never pressure me for more work if it isn't needed. They were quick and the customer service was amazing.

- Jessica M.

Very impressed.   5 of 5 stars
My car had trouble starting, trouble narrowed down to fuel pump, low PSI reading causing the slow start. A few days later, slow starting again! Brought car back, the problem was starter motor as well! The manager, Kevin Conlan was able to help us out with discounts since we just paid to have a new fuel pump installed! They were very helpful and professional!

- Jacqueline H.

Experience   5 of 5 stars
They were fast, friendly and did a good job.

- Marilyn R.

Awesome Experience and Honest Answers   5 of 5 stars
They'll tell you as it is. No up sell or games!

- Tom M.

Best Place to Go   5 of 5 stars
We brought our car in to get brakes fixed on our daughter's new car. Everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. They were very knowledgeable. They fixed the car quickly and the price was very very reasonable. We will now go no where else.we were very happy with the service and people.

- J. M.

Good job   5 of 5 stars
Needed a lot of work, thought it was a fair price for the work and time it took to do. They picked me up so I didn't need to find a ride to get back to Midas. Would go back if need to, very happy thanks

- Peter B.

Retired   5 of 5 stars
Thanks for the good work. Every one was friendly and helpful.

- John F.

Fantastic an quick service   5 of 5 stars
The Gentlemen I spoke with there were very nice, and had my car out in about 40 minutes, less. The price was very reasonable for my oil change. Would recommend.

- Jovanni G.

Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
I'm so glad that I found a place that I can trust. Mike and his staff are great. The customer service and honesty is refreshing with the way things are today. They tell you what you need but don't try to push repairs that you can't afford. I've mostly deal with Jonah and he definitely goes the extra mile. Keep up the great work.

- Vicki P.

Jonah villalpandpo   5 of 5 stars
He was nice and made sure I knew what was going on with the car and if anything else was wrong with the car and when I would need to get the things fixed. He was fast and just really helpful I would recommend this place to anyone -Ashley Showell

- Ashley S.

Totally love this shop!   5 of 5 stars
I've been coming to this Midas location for over 4 years. Each time I stop in or call, the team provides professional service, especially Jonah. I've received great service to keep my 2004 auto on the road.

- Jenn D.

Excellent Service   5 of 5 stars
They work efficiently and didn't try to sell me on anything my car didn't need. Definitely will be coming back

- Jordan W.

Great Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
I had my Mini Copper breaks serviced at this location, service was great , The owner Mike was very helpful and accommodating, Johnna and his team took good care of my car. These are honest reasonable people.

- Ismael H.

Great customer service   5 of 5 stars
Very friendly and informational. Answered every question I had. Did a great job on my car and got everything working perfect and done in a quick time.

- Justin B.

The best service! Hands down!   5 of 5 stars
I had a loss in the family and needed to leave ASAP on the morning of 09-16-2017. My car was due for an oil change and I needed the confidence that my 2008 vehicle would make it to San Diego and back. I got to this Midas at 0610 hours and planned on waiting for them to open 50 minutes later. One of the gentlemen offered to get my car in at around 0630 hours and was beyond excellent to me. He had a great personality and was incredibly friendly, even 30 minutes before his shift started. I don't recall his name but he was training a new older gentlemen that morning. They treated me like I was family and had my car in, serviced, inspected and out within 20 minutes. Service like this is not found these days and you guys have made a customer for life! Outstanding job! Please recognize these employees that worked the morning of the 16th for their outstanding dedication and excellence. Respectfully submitted, -Ryan and K-9 Titan

- Ryan E.

Good people   5 of 5 stars
I, an older woman from out of state, showed up with a car with a blown tire,on a tow truck (from outside Gila Bend) wire dangling from the blow out...imagining how many ways a mechanic could take advantage of me. Instead, this shop honestly told me the wire was fine, put it back in its casing, diagnosed my system....and changed out back lighbulb as part of a safety soon as I was there. Good people took care of me and got me back on the road. Well done!

- Leigh K.

Best service   5 of 5 stars
As a customer for 3 years I highly recommend Midas located @ 18783 N.83rd Avenue Peoria AZ. 85382 623-239-0029. I bring both of my vehicles to them for regular service and also unexpected repairs. Jonas the manager and Bryan the service coordinator are professional, courteous and very helpful . They are the best. Thank You Carol W.

- Carol W.

Nice place   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service, highly recommended.

- Alex Z.

Jonahs the best!   5 of 5 stars
My family and I have been Midas customers for over 6 years and have never been let down. We will not take our vehicles anywhere else because of the trust and relationships that we have built with he location and employees. Jonah is so helpful and knowledgeable on all of our car needs and that just reassures my confidence in Midas and in their services. No matter what we need, from an oil change for my husbands work van to a whole new engine for my sons car. We deeply appreciate having Midas as a part of our community and would recommend this location to anyone in need of any car services.

- Susan R.

Not sure what this is asking.   5 of 5 stars
Not only was the service great, but the staff is amazing and so very helpful. Of course I will recommend Midas, but more specifically, this location. I would give you a 10 out of 10.

- Page S.

Great Car Care!   5 of 5 stars
I had a great experience with this shop. They got me in quickly, took care of my brakes, and made things very affordable. Thanks!

- Ken Y.

Excellant Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
I moved here recently from Texas and the folks at Midas here in Peoria, AZ are great. They have worked on multiple cars for me. From a 72 Camaro to a 2016 Mercedes. Guys there are genuinely honest. Thank you.

- Mark W.

Jona and jason are amazing   5 of 5 stars
Thank you for making my day. You guys are professional and friendly. You guys really made a stressful situation and made it easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Bianca R.

Service   4 of 5 stars
I'm very happy for the service from Mike and his staff! Jonah is extremely helpful and definitely went above and beyond! Its nice to see such great customer service back in the automotive industry! Thank you Vicki

- Vicki P.

Super great service   5 of 5 stars
Feeling frustrated with our car and skeptical of taking it into a shop my attitude all changed when we were greeted with a friendly face and excellent customer sevice. Jonah got us in quickly, explained what was going on made me feel comfortable with what he had to do and at a great price. Thank you Jonah we will be back.

- Jason H.

Thanks for being honest   5 of 5 stars
Johna went above and beyond for me. This shop is restoring the value of GOOD customer service in the automotive industry! I definitely would recommend them and I will return for future services. Thank you again for taking care of me!!!

- Vicki P.

Excellent service   5 of 5 stars
The service was outstanding. My Jeep had a wobble and steering problem. Jonah did a great job explaining the problem with my car and how he would fix it. Jon did a great job and is a superb mechanic. My Jeep is fixed and the steering is tight again and like new. I highly recommend them.

- Keith E.

Best shop in town   5 of 5 stars
I have three cars and I have been coming to this shop for the last 10 years. People working here are great. The managers at this location will do anything to make you happy. Their mechanics are top of the line. You should try this location for all the services on your car. They are very good and can fix everything.

- Albert B.

Great place!!   5 of 5 stars
I think the service is above par and Jose is great at getting the job done! I would recommend this place to anyone just because of the great customer service and knowledge of the guys in the front! Thank you

- Scott M.

Amazing service!   5 of 5 stars
I have been taking both of my cars to Midas for over 5 years now and hands down they are amazing. Staff service is impeccable and they are very reliable. Friendly, fast and I know the repairs will be done correctly. I highly recommend the Midas at 83rd & union hills. Thank you for always being honest and reliable. I would never go anywhere else.

- Nicole W.

Always great service!   5 of 5 stars
I have so appreciated the services at the Midas Arrowhead location in Peoria, AZ for over two years now. Each member of the staff have been polite, professional and considerate. This past Saturday was one of the BEST experiences yet with Jonah, the store manager, jumping through hoops to resolve my issues. Thank you Jonah!

- Jenn D.

Great Work   5 of 5 stars
I've been coming to the Union Hills Midas for a long time for oil changes and they always do a great job. I went somewhere else for all fluids to be changed and I regret it. I ended up having Midas fix the other companies errors! I won't leave you again Midas!

- April F.

first time in AZ   5 of 5 stars
I just moved to AZ from TX. My husband and I have always used Midas for breakwork and oil changes. It's scary moving to another state and trusting you car to someone new. Even though I only got an oil change Jose was professioal and reassuring that any work I may need in the future they could handle

- Leslie M.

Service for Brakes/Drums   5 of 5 stars
This was my first visit to have my brakes looked at. The rep I worked with was Jose, who was extremely professional and helpful. He walked me through the issues with both my brakes and drums. I appreciate the detail and professionalism that I received from not only Jose, but the other staff members who I spoke with. I will definitely be back. Thanks, Karen :)

- Karen B.

customer care off the chart awesome!   5 of 5 stars
This is my second time stopping by Midas. The first time was check engine light and the second was a loose clamp that caused a bad rattle noise. I was immediately taken care of both times with exceptional service! Today just blew my mind , the manager Jonah welded the clamp and re-welded the other 3 for preventative. I was in and out in no time! Great customer service! They go above and beyond! Thanks for making my day!

- sylvie t.

The Extra Mile   5 of 5 stars
My battery light came on and I thought nothing of it until I started to smell something awful... I had the battery replaced a few months before at Autozone, so I stopped by there first. The guys at Autozone said there was an electrical fire because of my alternator and I needed to get my car serviced ASAP. I had one hour to pick my kids up from school and since we just moved back from Minnesota, I didn't have the slightest idea where to go. They suggested Midas across the street and I am beyond grateful for that! I walked into Midas frazzled and terrified that I did not have a chance to shop around for prices before bringing my car in. Right away, I was greeted by Jose and Jonah. I quickly explained my situation and without hesitation, Jonah grabbed my kids to pull the car into a bay and Jose began writing up my paperwork. Both gentleman were diligent and efficient, making me feel safe and much calmer! To top it off Jonah tossed me the keys to his personal vehicle, so I could pick my kids up from school. By the time I returned, I was greeted with smiles and cold water. They only needed 10 more minutes to finish my car and I was out of there for less than originally quoted! Jose and Jonah went the extra mile for me and I could not be more impressed with these two!

- Katie G.

beyond fantastic!!   5 of 5 stars
The people, the service, the work.. Unbelievably wonderful! I came down from Utah and had car trouble. They not only worked on my car, they PUSHED it to the shop for me when it wouldn't start. And were fantastic to help me !! And the prices were so good for the time and work they did.. Thank you so much you guys!!!

- Nina A.

The Best!   5 of 5 stars
Been coming here for many years and these owners are the best! Owners Jonah and Mike are very knowledgeable and competent. They tell me when I need something and when I don't, always suggesting less costly alternatives. Their prices are always fair and reasonable, not to mention the comfortable living room chairs, T.V., great coffee and customer internet. Any bad reviews must be another store!

- James F.

Oil Change   4 of 5 stars
Always good service here. The only issue was I had come in the previous day and booked an appointment for 10:00 AM for the next day. Upon arriving before the appointment I did not get looked after until 10:20 AM and then the car got into the bay about 10:30 AM. I had another appointment and I was hard pressed to get there on time. No sense making an appointment if it is not at the prescribed time. Thanks

- Richard K.

Honest timely & Professional   5 of 5 stars
For over 35 years I have been a mechanic working on everything from lawn mowers to F-16 fighter jets. As a DIY type, I believe that if you want something done right do it yourself, therefore I never let anyone touch my cars (I've been burnt before). Unfortunately, I'm now a Disabled Veteran with an advanced case of Parkinson's disease and find it nearly impossible to work on my own vehicles anymore. Having two vehicles over 10 years old you can imagine how important it is to have a shop I could trust. So when my Subaru Outback needed a new Catalytic Converter I took to the phone book and found Midas in Peoria. Paul (the shop mngr) took great care of me and I was pleasantly surprised with all aspects of the experience. Over the past year I have been back several times literally spending thousands between both vehicles. Most of the work was on normal high mileage ware items to include Shocks, Ball joints, Drive Axles, Radiator, Steering Rack/Pinion, as well as breaks and fluid changes Differential transmission, etc... All I can say is I now have a local shop that has truly earned my TRUST! Paul and his entire team at Midas have never let me down, often going above and beyond for me. They're knowledgeable, professionals whose timely work is fantastic. All this and the prices are fair too!!! THX Paul

- Gary W.

Great work   5 of 5 stars
Thanks Paul you can always fix a problem!

- Ritchie H.

Superior Service   5 of 5 stars
I took my 95 Pontiac to this shop due to an emissions failure on inspection. I was told by a dealership that it needed a new catalytic converter after spending a lot of money at the dealership to fix the problem. The dealership told me it would be cheaper to have it replaced somewhere else. So I took it to Midas. The shop was great. They replaced the converter and it still didn't pass emissions. The manager Paul wouldn't let go of the problem. He continued to work on the car and took it in to emissions personally to make sure it passed. This shop is great. Paul takes each problem and makes it his own until it is fixed. I highly recommend this shop.

- Gary M.

Fantastic Customer Service!   5 of 5 stars
Words cannot express how happy the team at the Peoria shop made us! Great customer service, awesome prices and all around terrific experience. We have been there before, and we will be coming back!

- Jenn D.

Very pleased   5 of 5 stars
I keep coming back because I get good, honest, service. I feel they are upfront giving you the straight scoop. They tell you things that should be done and what it would cost even though you may not be ready to do it at that time. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Diane M.

Service & Repair   5 of 5 stars

- Daniel P.

fair service   5 of 5 stars
I have been looking for a fair place to get my cars worked on and after four visits to this Midas,I'm now a regular. thanks boys!

- James V.

I came back...   5 of 5 stars
Outstanding service...professional!

- Bonnie B.

Great Service, Great Price   5 of 5 stars
Good Value and excellent, fast service!

- Ted R.

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    • Anti-lock Brake System repair and replacement
    • Brake adjustment
    • Brake fluid testing and replacement
    • Brake pad replacement
    • Brake shoe replacement
    • Brake System Evaluation
    • Brake System Inspection
    • Brake System Visual Check
    • Caliper repair and replacement
    • Drum reconditioning and replacement
    • Rotor reconditioning and replacement
    • Wheel bearing repair and replacement
    • Wheel cylinder repair and replacement
    • CV axle repair and replacement
    • Driveshaft repair and replacement
    • Motor mount replacement
    • Transmission mount replacement
    • U-joint repair and replacement
    • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
    • Emissions Repair
    • Ignition Wire replacement
    • Spark plug replacement
    • Timing belt replacement
    • Catalytic converter repair and replacement
    • Exhaust pipe repair and replacement
    • Flex-pipe repair and replacement
    • High-Performance Exhaust installation and replacement
    • Manifold repair and replacement
    • Muffler repair and replacement
    • Oxygen sensor repair and replacement
    • Tail pipe repair and replacement
    • Fleet service
    • Windshield repair and replacement
    • Air Conditioning System Check
    • Compressor repair and replacement
    • Condenser repair and replacement
    • Coolant hose repair and replacement
    • Engine Block heater installation and repair
    • Evaporator repair and replacement
    • Heater core repair and replacement
    • Radiator repair and replacement
    • Refrigerant evacuate & recharge
    • Thermostat repair and replacement
    • Water pump repair and replacement
    • Fuel filter replacement
    • Fuel injector repair and replacement
    • Fuel pump repair and replacement
    • Fuel tank repair and replacement
    • Accessory belt replacement
    • Cabin air filter replacement
    • Coolant drain and fill
    • Coolant system flush
    • Differential fluid drain and fill
    • Engine air filter replacement
    • Fuel filter replacement
    • Fuel System Cleaning
    • Headlight replacement
    • Lift support replacement
    • Lighting repair and replacement
    • Oil & Filter Change
    • Power steering fluid drain and fill
    • Power steering fluid system flush
    • Serpentine belt replacement
    • Transfer case fluid drain and fill
    • Transmission fluid drain and fill
    • Transmission fluid system flush
    • Wiper blade replacement
    • Rental cars
    • Alternator repair and replacement
    • Battery testing and replacement
    • Starter repair and replacement
    • Starting/Charging System Check
    • Emissions testing
    • Safety inspections
    • Ball joint repair and replacement
    • Coil spring repair and replacement
    • Leaf spring repair and replacement
    • Rack & pinion repair and replacement
    • Shock & Strut mount repair and replacement
    • Shock repair and replacement
    • Steering component repair and replacement
    • Strut repair and replacement
    • Tie rod end repair and replacement
    • Flat repair
    • Tire Inspection
    • Tire mounting
    • Tire rotation
    • TPMS recalibration
    • TPMS repair and replacement
    • Wheel balancing
    • Towing
    • Trailer hitch installation
    • Trailer hitch wiring installation and repairs
    • 4-wheel alignment
    • Alignment Check
    • Thrust-angle alignment
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Drive Out Hunger. We hold food drives to benefit out community food bank.
Drive Out Hunger. We hold food drives to benefit out community food bank.


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