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Give your family
the gift of safety. 

Regular Midas maintenance buys you and your family peace of mind.

Preventative Auto Maintenance & Oil Change Service

Preventive Auto Maintenance & Oil Change Service
Your car has a lot of responsibilities.  It takes you to work.  And the kids to school.  It can’t be late for soccer practice.  Or the orthodontist.  Most importantly, it has to do all these things, and many more, while keeping you and your family safe.  At Midas, we're committed to maintaining the safety and reliability of your car.  In fact, our mechanics are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance services for most vehicles.

The Midas Touch™ Maintenance Package
The Midas Touch™ Maintenance Package is more than just an oil change.  We start with an oil and filter change, being sure to use the factory-recommended viscosity grade.  Then we rotate all four tires and perform a visual check of your vehicle's major systems: engine, transmission, brakes, steering, starting and charging, heating and cooling, and lighting.  When your car rolls off our lift, you can be confident it will be safe and reliable.

Lookup & Print: Your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule.   Subject to availability.

Ask a Midas Mechanic – Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance - Ask a Mechanic

Q: I want to make sure I’m covered under my car manufacturer’s warranty, do I have to go to the dealer for scheduled maintenance to be covered?

 A: Not necessarily.  Most automobile warranties require that you comply with the factory-recommended maintenance schedule to keep the warranty in force.  However, depending on the terms of the warranty, you do not always have to go to the dealers to get the maintenance work done.  Midas has the factory-recommended maintenance schedule for almost every vehicle.  Just stop by, we’ll be happy to review it with you.

Q: I want to hang onto my ’99 Honda for as long as possible (hey, it’s paid for), but hate to waste money on service it doesn’t really need.  How can I be sure I am performing only the maintenance my car truly requires?

A: The proper way to determine what service your car needs is with a thorough mechanical inspection.  At Midas, we perform the necessary inspection so that you can be confident your car receives only the service it requires, and nothing else.  Furthermore, we believe in following the factory-recommended maintenance schedule.  Proper routine maintenance helps keep your car safe and fuel-efficient.  And without it, you risk costly repairs or even a breakdown.  When in doubt, just stop by Midas – and ask for your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule. *Subject to availability.

Q: Air filters, engine oil weight, brake fluid, coolant, and tire wear. How am I supposed to keep this stuff straight, much less keep up with what needs to be checked and when?

A: The good news is you don’t have to, thanks to your friendly Midas mechanic.  Our Midas Touch™ service will help you stay up-to-date with your vehicle's factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance
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