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1688 Main Street
Vancouver BC V6A 2W8
Rating: 5 of 5 stars195 reviews

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Store Hours
7:00AM - 8:00PM

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1688 Main Street
Vancouver BC V6A 2W8
Rating: 5 of 5 stars195 reviews

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Store Hours
7:00AM - 8:00PM
7:00AM - 8:00PM
7:00AM - 8:00PM
7:00AM - 8:00PM
7:00AM - 8:00PM
7:00AM - 8:00PM

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Midas auto service and tire service garage.
Midas auto service and tire service garage


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Midas vancouver is your one-stop shop for brakes, oil changes, tires and all your auto repair needs.

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Midas stores are owned and operated by families in your community dedicated to providing high quality auto repair service at a fair price. And their work is backed by our famous Midas guarantee* whether you need an oil change or tires, factory recommended maintenance, or brake repair, your local Midas has you covered.

*See store for applicability and limited guarantee terms

Average Rating: 5 of 5 stars195 reviews

Change Oil Due notice on dashboard   4 of 5 stars
They forgot to turn off / disable Change Oil Due notice on dashboard after the oil change service. NOT the first time. On previous occasion they simply said a newly-trained employee did it when I brought it up. Then it happened again.

- Conrad L.

Great service - 4 new tires installed (Buy 3 get 1 free)   5 of 5 stars
These are my "go to guys" and consistently provide great service for my vehicle. I have found them to be honest, courteous, professional and upfront with accurate estimated costs with no additions. They have installed new tires, fixed my brakes, done an oil change and other minor work flawlessly. They are also happy to show the underside of the vehicle (if you're interested) to show the work needed. Highly recommended.

- Karl Y.

Meh   3 of 5 stars
Lackluster customer service, not many words said, and they ordered the wrong part in, wait for car was much later than promised...will most likely try somewhere else next time.

- Kelli S.

Thanks for a great service   5 of 5 stars
I don’t quite remember the gentleman’s name, but I could have sworn it was Bal. He has gone above and beyond to provide professional repair work for my brakes and shock absorbers, in a timely manner, at an agreeable rate. Thank you Midas, you guys are awesome!

- Ted I.

Very satisfied   5 of 5 stars
Winter check up and oil change etc

- Greg K.

Awesome   5 of 5 stars

- Gary C.

Oil change and tire rotation   5 of 5 stars
They did a great job and I got my car back in time as projected within the two hour timeframe

- Robert D.

The best service   5 of 5 stars
The service was fast and efficient. Very friendly staff and knowledgable .I will tell all my friends.

- Debra C.

Very good   5 of 5 stars
Really nice staff. Knowledgeable, friendly and good service overall.

- Piers L.

Honest and fast   5 of 5 stars
I’ve been using this shop for 2 years, after spending years getting tricked by other shops into doing unnecessary repairs. This Midas shop is always truthful in the diagnosis, plus when the repair is actually needed. If it can wait 6 months, they tell me, and they never try to scare me into doing repairs right away. We’ve been working on the “priority list” together and I always go back (and send my friends).

- Paula K.

Great Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
Midas always makes things easy. I brought my car in for some brake work and an oil change. The staff presented everything transparently and got the work done effectively. Thanks!

- Blake F.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Antonio is helpful by clarifying the issues. The service was efficient and timely with great suggestions and future plans for the maintenance of the car, I will be there again.

- Mary A.

Great friendly service   5 of 5 stars
I booked an appointment online and took my car in when Antonio had suggested. He was warm and welcoming. I had a few errands to run so left the car at Midas and caught the sky train downtown. Received a call when the car was ready which was nice. Friendly staff and awesome experience!

- Jennifer M.

Excellent customer service   5 of 5 stars
I recently took my car to Midas to replace my AC compressor, and the folks at Midas were generous enough to help me shop around for the best deal on the new part, saving me hundreds of dollars on an already very expensive job. I will keep taking my car to Midas for my future needs!

- Jessica L.

Midas on Main Street   5 of 5 stars
I had to take my SUV to Midas because it wouldn’t start. It was a tricky fix but Antonio, Bav and the team at Midas we’re fantastic- they worked tirelessly to try and solve the problem. Antonio kept me in the loop with updates and was happy to answer all my questions. When the problem was solved he followed up to ensure my vehicle was still running smooth. It was a great customer experience and I would definitely recommend this shop. Josey D

- Josey D.

Oil / filter change   4 of 5 stars
Your summary report stated that the oil and filter were changed. You also stated that the tires were rotated. They were not. Your mechanic said tires are rotated "if they need to be". I am guessing it now becomes a judgment call. They shouldn't say they were rotated if they weren't.

- Conrad L.

.   4 of 5 stars

- Mac T.

Great Service after 20years of refusing to use Midas again.   5 of 5 stars
I went to Midas in N Van 20 years ago and was told my car was not safe to drive and needed a lot of work. After a second opinion they said nothing was wrong. 7 years later I sold the car and that work was never needed, total rip off and I made sure everyone that mentioned Midas heard my story. I would have spent hundreds of dollars for work that was not needed. I gave Midas on Main St, Vancouver a chance and he was amazing! The guy that served me (believe he was the manager) was thorough with the details of the repairs/inspection and my vehicle runs great. All staff were polite, kind and most of all he was honest! I would absolutely recommend the Main Street Midas location to anyone. He alone changed my opinion of your company! Great guy, great service!! Thank you.

- Jennifer D.

Professional and friendly   5 of 5 stars
I was travelling with my wife and 5 children in my mini van when my brake line ruptured. The Gentleman that answered the phone was extremely friendly, polite and professional. The service we received was second to none. Evryone in the shop displayed excellent customer service. Plus they got the line replaced as soon as it arrived from the supplier. This shop will be my personal recommendation to all I know. My family and I are very thankful for such great service.

- Jay J.

Not great   3 of 5 stars
I asked on line for a quick tune-up, and when I arrived I was asked to confirm my oil change. There had been no mention of an oil change ever and I had to repeatedly say - NO oil change. I also asked for the brake light bulb to be replaced. I was told that it would be an hour an a half tops and when 90 minutes came - the car was not ready - they were still in 'diagnostic mode' (even though I told them exactly what I wanted) and it was an additional 35 minutes for the car to be ready causing me to miss several meetings. And to top it off - I paid almost $90 dollars for a report that said I needed brake light bulbs and "maybe" new spark plugs plus 4 new tires with a quote of over $900. Nothing was done! Very disappointing as this has been a pretty reliable place to take my car. But to not listen and change the brake bulb as I asked, and not do a general tune up as I asked really ****** me off... So - rather than waste any more money this time - I had the bulb replaced somewhere else, and having found several quotes far lower for tires - only the rear two which needed changing as the front pair are only a year old - will cause me to seriously consider another garage next time.

- Scott M.

Had them install a set of wheels and tires   5 of 5 stars
Best service I've gotten from a mechanic. Plus the car looks amazing now.

- Deniz G.

Fast, friendly service. Very helpful staff.   5 of 5 stars
Good team. Great service. Will definitely be back.

- Lesley D.

Great customer service   5 of 5 stars
The two employees with whom I interacted were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. My car received great service, too!

- Ally B.

Automotive repair   5 of 5 stars
Great automotive service, excellent customer service

- Cynthia M.

Friendly and complete service   4 of 5 stars
Friendly and helpful. Didn’t recommend service I didn’t need which I appreciate.

- Shelley B.

Great Service   4 of 5 stars
I brought in my vehicle for an oil change and to have my brakes looked at. They changed my oil and honoured my coupon and did the job in good time. I was also pleased with the honesty that my breaks were fine. I would recommend this location. Thank you.

- Marc W.

Good service   5 of 5 stars
Staff were knowledgeable and professional.

- Corry M.

Tire change   5 of 5 stars
Everything went smooth and without issues. Great service and everything was done on time. Thanks

- Robert J.

I will recommend Midas to all people I know, family and friends!!!   5 of 5 stars
Best in the customer service and you can trust.

- Cynthia C.

Sienna Flexpipe Repair   5 of 5 stars
I was fully prepared to replace the steering fluid, but they suggested I only need to do transmission fluid, this saved me a bunch of cash and got me to change the right thing! Great front desk service throughout. Great phone calls throughout the repair updating me.

- Kris P.

Will come back   5 of 5 stars
I was happy when they said it will be 1-1/2 hr and it was right on the dot. They also didn't try to up sale me in anyways. And did a full check/tires that was included in the oil change price.

- Shayna B.

Good   5 of 5 stars
Will came again

- Ben K.

Good service but...   3 of 5 stars
Service was great. But I felt that the cost of the service was not disclosed accurately. When asked, I was told $199 * tax for a transmission fluid flush. When reviewing the bill, there is extra $12 charge for supplies. Don't think that's fair. The customer should always be told the price all in, I felt cheated.

- Sadhvi S.

VW SUV Tune-up   5 of 5 stars
I had a friend refer me to Midas in Vancouver. The appointment was booked promptly. The check-in the day before was polite and non-disruptive. I went in at 7 am on a Saturday morning for an oil-change and tune-up. I was out of their office with my SUV running great in exactly an hour. I recommend this company and this particular location near Main and 3rd Avenue in Vancouver to anyone.

- Peter S.

Calipers and rotor change   5 of 5 stars
Chris was very good and scheduled me in right away once he recognized the symptoms of the squeaking brakes. Did an evaluation and was told that one of the calipers seized up which caused the rotor to warp. Gave a me a fair price and a courtesy car. Would definitely go back again for future brake issues.

- Honkit N.

Brake relief   5 of 5 stars
Great service great price!

- Janet B.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Antonio was very helpful and ensured I could get back to my work and life ASAP by accommodating me with quick & execelent service. It was also awesome that I could borrow the shop car and they are open late.

- Duncan J.

Old school mechanic   4 of 5 stars
Great service from front desk people. Only issue was didn't really try to find slightly cheeper parts went to most expensive right away... Mechanic was great (had same vehicle as me) knew what it needed and what it didn't no extras tacked on.

- Jeremy A.

Honest Service   5 of 5 stars
Had sound concern with vehicle. Called around for quotes, including one from Antonio (Midas Vancouver). Took vehicle & did test drive with him. What I thought was going to be several hundred dollar job, Antonio found problem & took care of it on spot, no charge. Then requested quote for other work from him. Ended up little bit more than I expected, but didn't receive any pressure to get job done immediately when I expressed wanting to hold off for time being. Experience good so far, so good chance will be returning.

- Fareed A.

Fast,efficient   5 of 5 stars
Very satisfied

- Rick T.

Marvelous Midas on Main   5 of 5 stars
I love these guys!!! So honest, reliable and a great attitude. Made me feel so at ease knowing I wouldn't be swindled into anything. Service advisor, Antonio is the best!!!!! Thanks!

- Nicole D.

Helped me so much   5 of 5 stars
Kind and professional and so efficient and wonderful. Antonio and his team helped me so much and I am so grateful ?

- Mari C.

Excellent service   5 of 5 stars
I was traveling and developed vehicle issues. I was given an appointment within a day. The manager was great - they were ready for me at the appointed time. My vehicle was looked at right away. All options were discussed with me honestly. I definitely recommend this location.

- Murray K.

Very Helpful   5 of 5 stars
Great customer service, although they didn't seem to recognize I had an appointment, despite having confirmed my appointment. Really put my mind to rest over the not very good used car I had recently purchased. Laid out what needed to be done and a rough timeline for the repairs. Definitely refer friends.

- Sarah R.

Wow! That was expensive!   3 of 5 stars
Sure I got my brakes fixed in a timely manner, but the $400 for parts was a bit much, since my son-in-law said he could buy them for $125, and would have done the work, except he is out of town. And those "extra" fees for "shop supplies" is so freaking obvious as a rip-off.

- Robert G.

Good Service and Innovative Team   5 of 5 stars
Had a surprise problem and they fit me in to their schedule. During the fix a problem was hit and they solved an obscure problem with no drama. Great Service Great Team.

- Traveling f.

Muffler repair   5 of 5 stars
Got in on the same day I called and problem fixed. Friendly service. Helpful. Will go back if need more service in the future

- Spencer W.

Tires change   5 of 5 stars
Fast service, good customer service.

- Giani C.

Clear, transparent and convenient   4 of 5 stars
Quick turnaround, great staff, and a clear and thorough inspection that highlighted some maintenance issues after an oil change. I'll be coming back. :)

- Blake F.

Consistent 5 star service.   5 of 5 stars
Chris and his team did it again. I have several Range Rovers and refuse to go to the dealer. Why would I? This shop is fully capable of dealer service at a fraction of the cost and with better service. Their new hours are also beyond accommodating for those of us who work. Can’t beat these guys.

- Stephen K.

Highly recommend   5 of 5 stars
Reasonable price for oil change * service (check out coupons on their website), friendly and professional service

- Michael K.

Super friendly   5 of 5 stars
Person i dealt with was super friendly and honest during the final assessment of my car.

- David R.

Very pleased...   5 of 5 stars
They were able to see me same day for my brakes. They gave a quick, logical and easy to understand diagnosis that matched my understanding of the problem and then fixed it quickly as agreed without a lot of fuss or annoying ‘upselling’. I’ll be back.

- Jay R.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Very good experience I am a repeat customer you guys have not let me down yet.

- Leith M.

Excellent Service As Usual   5 of 5 stars
I have been taking my Right Hand Drive here for a few years and they have always helped me out, no problems. Now I understand they are certified to work on this category of cars as well. I have been bringing my other vehicles here for almost 2 decades and can say Main Street Midas is honest and great to deal with. I do miss Miles, but he has a great crew in charge.

- Jane T.

Would recommend   5 of 5 stars
They were helpful, friendly, understanding and quick.

- Brenda S.

First class   5 of 5 stars
First class

- Fred G.

Thank you for the loaner car   5 of 5 stars
Welcoming and excellent. I know Antonio and he knows my Toyota (Matrix) I have confidence in the work done by Midas employees

- Judy L.

Shocks   5 of 5 stars
Very pleased with your service and work; thank you.

- Nathan G.

Yes.   5 of 5 stars
I was happy with the service, advice and assistance.

- Brian P.

Perfect score   5 of 5 stars
Customer service, timing and info was all Perfect. Midas on Main id reccomend to anyone. J

- Jeff K.

Perfect   5 of 5 stars
Friednly, efficient, courteous.

- Tony B.

Timely   5 of 5 stars
The service as in the past was timely and well done. Muffler specialist Brian is a pro !

- Markus H.

Tire repair   5 of 5 stars
Simply put they were fast professional and did good safe work. Everything you want for your car and their price was fair.

- Ron B.

Recommended Service Provider   5 of 5 stars
I would like to highly recommend the Midas Shop for any of your brake work, the staff was very accommodating and were very pleasant and courteous. they took the time to show and explain the issues with my vehicle and also provided us with a report on their inspection of our vehicle.

- Robert R.

The best   5 of 5 stars
Thank you for the quick service And thank you for your nice and knowledgeable mister that worked in my van. Thank you again.

- Eduardo S.

Great services   4 of 5 stars
Great customer service and friendly staff. Oil change was quick and comments on other parts requiring maintenance were very helpful.

- Greg N.

Antonio   5 of 5 stars
A strong endorsement of ANTONIO for being knowlegeable and well as ethical in figuring out what was wrong with my vehicle and not charging me for what was not needed. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and service professionalism. My thanks.

- David S.

great customer service   5 of 5 stars
These guys are trustworthy - and dont overcharge which is very difficult to find these days... Great work.

- Mary M.

Good service for tire replacement   4 of 5 stars
Knowledgeable staff..

- Darrell P.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Got an apt super fast for an oil change & service that were overdue. Great staff, everything seems perfect, price was good, I’m really happy and will be back!

- Ariane T.

Good service and friendly staff   5 of 5 stars
I had my battery replaced, an oil change, and some additional repairs. Staff were friendly and honest about the work that needed to be done. As a bonus there was fast turn around time!

- Ted E.

Battery Blues   5 of 5 stars
My battery had been getting weaker and one afternoon after I had to get another jump start. My schedule is very busy and I seldom finish work early so I knew it was time to get a replacement, however I wasn’t going to have any more time that week and needed to find something before the end of day. My dealership was unable to fit me in nor were two other places I tried. My husband called Midas and they were able to fit me in immediately. I was in and out in 15 minutes. It saved me time and anxiety and I no longer have to worry about my car starting. Thanks!

- Sarah N.

Monday morning flat tire   5 of 5 stars
Called this location and they took me in straight away. Staff were great, friendly and competent. Didn't try to upsell me on anything but gave me price for other future work when I asked. Great experience and I will go back.

- Wayne G.

Earlier than expected   5 of 5 stars
I had an appointment booked for a weekend day and phoned a few days ahead to see if they knew whether parts were available or not for exhaust system. I was told that if I brought the car in that day, they could check on needed parts and have them ready for my appointment. I was also told that it might even be possible to do it that very day. Sure enough, it all happened ahead of schedule with prompt, helpful and friendly service. Bravo!

- Nathaniel H.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
Always a great experience with them!!

- Omega R.

Great   5 of 5 stars
Simply, a great service!

- Iveta S.

Brake service - New pads, rotor skim, rear brake adjustment.   5 of 5 stars
Antonio at the Vancouver Main Street shop got my Jeep in for a brake service faster than expected and the final bill was as estimated. Highly recommended.

- Karl Y.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Great service. Thanks!

- Chris B.

Lexus RX300 Brake Bleed/flush   5 of 5 stars
Noticed that my car had a spongy brake pedal, I requested a appointment on the same day, Had a fast response from a service advisor, Then they where able to bleed/flush the brake system, Now the brakes feel nice and firm where it used to be. Will highly recommend,

- Sean L.

Excellent and Trustworthy   5 of 5 stars
I have been taking my 'classic' truck to Midas for *4 years. They always give me transparent, fair pricing for and top-notch service, providing peace of mind and longevity for my vehicle. I highly recommend them.

- Vanessa B.

Oil Change   4 of 5 stars
The service was quick and easy. I only had time for a quick oil change, and none of the other services that Midas offered with the oil change. No one tried to sell me any extra services either, which I really appreciated.

- Katie G.

Would certainly recommend   5 of 5 stars
The staff had every opportunity to overcharge and didn't, really friendly and helpful.

- Brett N.

Highly recommended   5 of 5 stars
Great service with attention to detail

- Iveta S.

Superb Service!   5 of 5 stars
I had a flat tire and limped down the hill to the shop an hour before closing. The guys working were super friendly and accommodated me immediately. An hour later I was rolling out of there with a patched tire and didn't even need to replace it!

- Kameyo M.

Prompt, courteous attention   5 of 5 stars
I felt very comfortable working with this team at Midas. Treated me very well. Called back promptly and fit me in ASAP. Showed me the problems and took care to be dilligent. Curtesy car free of charge was a great bonus!! Service with a smile, prompt attention!!! You will not go wrong. Keep up the great customer service.

- Sharon W.

Honest shop   4 of 5 stars
Had a grest experience with Midas the guys were super knowledgeable and very straightforward with me while there I seen a guy come in and complain about his service and Midas came through to make him happy which in turn made me happy to have picked this shop I knew I would get good service

- Christine A.

Sarah McAlpine   4 of 5 stars
Despite the many hiccups in the delivery of the correct muffler all was well in the end. I would come to Midas again. Sarah

- Sarah M.

Followup on prior review   5 of 5 stars
Within 2 hours of filing my prior review I was contacted by the Service representative that dealt with a my repair. He acknowledged his behaviour, addressed the service issues and apologized for both. My concerns were addressed promptly and to my satisfaction.

- Anthony C.

I wouldn't go anywhere else   5 of 5 stars
I have been through a lot with the staff at Midas with various car repairs, but I always trust their judgement and recommend all my friends to go to Midas at 1688 Main St. in Vancouver.

- Katrina V.

The way customer service should be, they are great help.   5 of 5 stars
I have been using these guys for about 6 years now and they continue to be top notch. Last week I have having some serious problems with my older vehicle. Called them, they got me in the next day and fixed the problem. They quoted me and came under that quote. I appreciate their professionalism and ability to accomodate. They have a customer for life!

- Anthony C.

Great service and helpful staff   4 of 5 stars
Great service and helpful staff. Even came in under the original estimate!

- Sarah B.

Good   5 of 5 stars

- Jay K.

Excellent Work, but expensive   3 of 5 stars
The quality of the work bending the pipe and installing the muffler was excellent. It cost more than I expected, though.

- Bob K.

My Suzuki Samurai   5 of 5 stars
The service was terrific and Antonio was wonderful to deal with. He went out of his way to help find a part for my car. I will continue to recommend them to others.

- Barbara S.

older truck   5 of 5 stars
Finally found a place where people can "fix" things, not simply replace parts.I CAN DO THAT!!. The real talent is being a "fixer/mechanic" not simply a replacer......and by the way I don't need the BS story about it's cheaper (in SOME cases) to replace rather than repair which I got from other shops, not here. Thanks guys...great job!!

- David V.

Excellent   5 of 5 stars
Everything was well explained, car is working very well. A pleasure to do business with Midas. Thanks for help and information.

- Shirley M.

Always great service and reasonable pricing   5 of 5 stars
Both my girlfriend and myself both get our cars serviced at this Midas and have always found the staff there great to deal with, their estimates are usually spot-on so we don't get those pricey surprises, and if something has changed from the estimate they are good at communicating it. Have always found their turnaround times very reasonable and have always been very happy at the quality of repairs. Plan to call them up again whenever I need my next tune-up or repair!

- Marshall A.

Excellent service   5 of 5 stars
I had an excellent experience through this Midas location. The booking service was easy and they had replied back efficiently. Antonio had helped me with bookings and Steve is the mechanic that was easy to talk to and had explained what needed to be done and what’s a priority at that time. I know a little about fixing cars as a hobby so I know that they had done what is needed at that time. The price is reasonable to me. Overall had a excellent experience and will be back using Midas.

- Abby R.

great place to get your vehicle maintenance done   4 of 5 stars
knowledgeable mechanics, good service

- Moby B.

Great service excellent quality   5 of 5 stars
Have been bringing my Xterra in for little over 3 years I find the quality of work is on par or better than dealership and shop/parts prices are better than Nissan. I feel safe bringing my vehicle here and will do so for future repairs/maintenance

- Al H.

Oil change   5 of 5 stars
Good experience. Timely and effective. I will come back

- Darby A.

Great service for muffler repair   5 of 5 stars
I had a couple small leaks in my muffler - the service chief Antonio was extremely professional and informative and they got the job done quickly and efficiently. Muffler sounds great now! Would definitely recommend to others.

- Brian K.

Too expensive   3 of 5 stars
Was charged a “package price” for the oil change rather than a real price. $130 to change my oil when the car is already being worked on just does not work for me.

- Don A.

My first encounter with Midas   4 of 5 stars
My wife and I were treated in a professional and courteous manner. The repair work performed on the Jeep was done in a timely manner. We will use Midas again for future services.

- Mark K.

Great service!   5 of 5 stars
My car was fixed in the time they told me with a lower cost than anticipated. I’ll definitely be using the fellas at Midas again...

- Baillie B.

Excellent!!   5 of 5 stars
This is the best garage I’ve ever been to! Amazing customer service. Extremely competent and friendly technicians. I tell everyone I know how awesome you guys are. Thank you all very much.

- Nicole D.

Excellent   5 of 5 stars

- Doug F.

Odometer reading   4 of 5 stars
You indicated in your survey that my odometer reading was 67452. ACTUALLY the reading WAS 62472. I took a photo of the dash before I dtove off your lot. Someone needs to wear glasses.

- Conrad L.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
I had a great experience at Midas on Main St. Antonio was so helpful and gave great advice when recommending things that needed doing now, as well as other things (that I thought would need to be replaced) that actually could wait until the next service. Will definitely go back there next time I need anything done.

- Anna O.

Trust This Place   5 of 5 stars
I have been coming here for at least 15 years when a seized caliper needed expert attention. 4 cars later, we still trust Miles and his team to honestly deal with all of our mechanical issues. No pressure ever, but we get advice on manufacturer suggested maintenance and also urgent repairs. All work in addition to tires, mufflers, & oil changes has been professionally done. The 1990 Volvo broke down in rush hour traffic and they had me back on the road in 2 hours. Even my right hand drive is not a problem for them. Service is great and polite. Thank you Miles, Brian, Antonio, Chris (& al.) and especially the hard working mechanics.

- Jane T.

Great guys   5 of 5 stars
They stuck to the quote that they gave me and when the work went over the quote because of other problems they did not charge me the extra. They are a very honest and trustworthy group.

- Darrell P.

Amazing and careing professionals   5 of 5 stars
The group at Midas on Main ,especially Antonio went above and beyond what any car repair shop could do for me and my vehicle. Thanks guys appreciate it.

- Darrell P.

Terrific   5 of 5 stars
The staff was friendly, the oil change was completed in the time promised and I am pleased with the experience.

- Lorraine K.

Easy and pleasant   5 of 5 stars
Thanks guys and gals for the good and friendly service. I will recommend this location to my friends! Thanks

- Shaun K.

Oil change package   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service

- Guenter O.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
All team did a great. Thanks Antonio for explaining and answering all my questions

- Marco S.

Oil/tire change   3 of 5 stars
Early time slot was convenient, was expecting call when completed but didn’t hear from shop.

- Ben E.

Consistently Excellent   5 of 5 stars
Expectations exceeded every time.

- Stephen K.

Exhaust   5 of 5 stars
Recently had a relatively small exhaust repair done. Very friendly people, the exhaust tech helpful and thorough. Thank you.

- Dale B.

Thank you for an honest, fast, quality repair!   5 of 5 stars
Drove in with an almost flat tire. I was warned the tire might have to be replaced and worried about how to be sure that was necessary, but within 30 minutes my tire was repaired and I was on my way!!! (I had actually planned to go to Kal Tire but stopped at the Midas because when I phoned Kal was told they would need to keep my car all day!) As a female, very happy with the integrity, efficiency and quality provided by these Midas guys! Highly recommend them!

- laurie c.

The extra mile   5 of 5 stars
These guys always go the extra mile for you. Regular updates and hunt for used parts. Cars are expensive so every little bit helps.

- Franck S.

Awesome   5 of 5 stars
Very convenient and a great value

- Omar M.

Great job. Very efficient.   5 of 5 stars
Easy to book online. Very efficient. Great service.

- James L.

AWESOME!   5 of 5 stars
Myles and Antonio were fantastic. They helped me understand the problem and listened to my concerns. I will definitely be going back to Midas. Thanks guys!

- Jake W.

Muffler Work   5 of 5 stars
Very pleased with work carried out. Brian is a pro and did a great job on my 77 Scout. Antonio's quote was very fair and I am very pleased with the work and associated cost. Fab took interest in my vehicle and outlined future improvements to consider. I feel that main Midas puts the customer first.

- Erick B.

Honest and friendly   5 of 5 stars
STAFF were very helpful and helped me save money.

- Jo V.

Great work on late model car   5 of 5 stars
Competitive quotes provided for all work along with prompt reliable service. Its alwsys a difficult choice on how much repair to put into a 1991 car, but I trust the analysis, advice and estimates provided by the Midas team.

- Rod M.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
I am a senior (female) and it can be very intimidating when taking my car in for service (or repairs). I am never sure if what is suggested for repairs is actually needed or if the cost is fair. I have never felt that way with the people at Midas Vancouver, on Main street. They are respectful, efficient and never do anything that isn't confirmed with me first. They will do all they can to ensure that my car is in great condition when all is done. I made an appointment with Midas on Main Street. When I arrived they couldn't find my name in their books. Later on I realized that I had probably phoned a different Midas by mistake. But Midas on Main fit me in and everything was done within a couple of hours. If I had made the appointment at the correct shop I am sure it would have been finished within the hour. I would have no hesitation in recommending this store to anyone. Thank you Midas

- Lynn D.

Fast and Friendly   5 of 5 stars
Midas Kingsway was able to take my car in on very short notice and complete my oil change within only a couple hours. The gentleman at the front desk who helped me was so friendly and compassionate, and even sent me home with a chocolate for the road! Thanks to Midas' reasonable prices and consistently great customer service, I will continue to recommend Midas to anyone who requires their services.

- Claire D.

Midas on Main   5 of 5 stars
Midas on Main is by far the "Best" auto shop in Vancouver... perhaps in the Province. I've always been hesitant about auto shops until I took my SUV to Midas on Main a couple of years ago. They are honest, friendly and tell you up front everything you need to know. Great guys, friendly and knowledgable. Definitely recommended !!!!!

- Ken F.

Flat Tire   5 of 5 stars
Provided fast efficient service. Just realized that Midas is much more than just mufflers. Will be back

- Wayne H.

Professional   5 of 5 stars
Very professional and knowledgeable. Efficient service and helpful advice.

- S G.

Great and affordable service!   5 of 5 stars
Friendly technicians, fast service!

- Omega R.

Muffler repair   5 of 5 stars
The team did a great job customizing a new exhaust system for my 1961 Jaguar KX 150. After talking to them pre taking the car in I had a feeling they'd do a good job. They over delivered and under charged in my opinion. I'll be going to Midas on Main Street for all my auto repairs from now on!

- Steven A.

Best Service in Vancouver!   5 of 5 stars
Super quick to serve and reliable auto service team. strait forward and on point. No surprises accept the reasonable price.

- Nicole P.

Great customer service, Honest employees, Fast response time   5 of 5 stars
Interacted with Antonio and Chris after not needing car services from Midas for a year. They remembered me, were friendly, explained all of the car needs and rationale for services, and went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Stayed in touch with updates and timelines via phone while my car was with them. This is a company I'm happy to receive services from. Thanks guys!

- Julie P.

good service   5 of 5 stars
professional attitude, good value, honest, fast service

- Vladimir B.

Very friendly   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service and very nice

- Jason D.

Absolutely yes.   5 of 5 stars
The Midas team was, as always, an efficient, helpful, well-informed operating unit, the reason we keep coming to this location. See you in the New Year!

- Bullus H.

Friendly and Professional Service   5 of 5 stars
Great work, friendly and knowledgeable advice. You recommend what I need now, and let me know what to be aware of for my next visit. Thank you!

- Teresa B.

Amazing - Thanks Tony!   5 of 5 stars
The team responded quickly to my inquiry and I was in the shop two days later! Tony called me to make sure I was aware of everything that was happening with my car and even walked me through what the issues with my car were step by step as well as visually. I was in great hands and I will definitely be back again!

- Lauren K.

Always the best service!   5 of 5 stars
We have always been so pleased with the service at this Midas location. It's the best in the city! Our vehicles are old, but have been well maintained and are in excellent condition. We fully trust these guys when they tell us something needs to be fixed. We always feel like we're paying a fair amount for our services, too. Thanks guys!!!

- William K.

#AlwaysAwesome   5 of 5 stars
Midas on Main is always so awesome!!! Great customer service, speedy work and very reliable.

- Dragana P.

Alignment - great work   5 of 5 stars
I got what I came for, alignment. Staff was friendly and everything was completed on time. Staff also filled me in on the stats of my alignment and what they mean.

- Ken K.

Usually reliable and quick but some glitches this time   3 of 5 stars
Had car for an Oil change and Tire change in the shop. Same as I did last season. I didn't ask for the price, since I assumed it would be the same. Once I got the receipt, I seen that prices were increased without being announced to me. Furthermore I had to get back to fill in air, since the tire pressure was low after the change. I always been a satisfied costumer but I think you can do better.

- Enrico R.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Great service as usual. In and out quick

- Mark R.

Quick and honest   5 of 5 stars
Quick service to get the issue fixed before end of day and didn’t try to add on extra costs. Friendly service.

- Jackson T.

MIDAS ON MAIN ST.   5 of 5 stars
Midas is always great with customer service, explaining what is wrong with your car & doing a great job fixing it, which is why I've been going to Midas for over ten years.

- Lorraine S.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
This was my first visit to Midas. I went in for the oil change special. Antonio was great and didn't try to sell me anything more than I'd asked for. In addition he commented on what good shape my 20 yr. old Rav 4 was in rather than saying that there was a lot of servicing it'd need soon. All of this was especially important to me since I'd recently been ripped off on a battery replacement by a well known garage and almost ripped off by another well known transmission specialist. Without knowing what I'd paid to replace my transmission, Anthony told me that it'd cost the same price that I'd paid. Not the $500 more that the specialist had quoted. I will definitely be going back for the rest of my service needs which I'm sure will be many given the age of my car.

- Carol W.

Excellent service beyond expectations!   5 of 5 stars
Chris was awesome and very helpful. Thanks for all your help! Highly recommended! ??????????

- Richard T.

Honest and trustworthy   5 of 5 stars
They always do a quality job, on time and on budget.

- George R.

Great Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
I had to get my brakes done a week ago and the gentlemen that helped me was so nice. I cannot remember his name but he was very understanding about my financial restraints and helped me get my car fixed up enough that I could still use it and buy me more time to get the money to fix the rest. When I picked up my car it was after business hours but my receipt was on my seat with a chocolate. It sweetened my day, and I really needed it. Thank you!

- Micaelan C.

Great service   4 of 5 stars
Great customer service, efficient and straightforward. Very good experience.

- Alison D.

No BS service   5 of 5 stars
Helpful, upfront, frank service agents.

- Alain C.

Excellent service   5 of 5 stars
Excellent service I received from midas main street Vancouver Fast and efficient I'll be back with my jeep patriot

- Mark D.

Oil Change   5 of 5 stars
Chris is very nice to deal with and goes the extra kilometer (or mile) to make sure you are taken care of.

- Katrina V.

Good job   5 of 5 stars
Good job. Timely completion of the work.

- Jia Y.

GREAT SERVICE   5 of 5 stars
Friendly staff and got the job done efficiently.

- Paul C.

Extremely helpful and excellent value   5 of 5 stars
The shop took me in right away to check a potential hole in my tire. They were able to give me a safe work around fix for an excellent price. They did it while I waited! In and out in less than 30 minutes. I highly recommend this company.

- Lisa A.

Didn't receive what promised   3 of 5 stars
I was supposed to get my car vacuumed and 6month road side assistance when I chose the gold option but they forgot to provide these. I have to show up again to get it. This will cost me my valuable time. Staffs need to make sure everything is checked before handing the key so that they don't have to go 2nd time to get things done again.

- Taslim A.

Excellent Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
The service was great, they were very clear and helpful!

- David G.

Oil change   4 of 5 stars
Friendly, courteous service for oil change. The service took 2 hours due to not having a filter readily available, so that is my only negative feedback

- Paula F.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Friendly people. Responsible. My first time and ill be there again

- Edgar O.

Great job   5 of 5 stars
Fab did an amazing job on my Porsche And under quote. I am very pleased. Very friendly and knowledgable!

- Matt P.

Best Bunch   5 of 5 stars
The whole staff at Midas on Main are very thorough, friendly, and respectful to their customers. Chris and Paul keep a very orderly and well maintained shop. Being a female customer of theirs for 8 years, I am impressed with their kindness. I have always felt well cared for as a customer going to Midas on Main for the constant maintenance of my vehicle and plan to keep going to them for years to come because to this customer, safety is high. Keep up the good work Midas on Main. Maggie from PoCo.

- Maggie B.

Friendly Helpful Honest   5 of 5 stars
Great group of men working at this location. Always friendly, helpful and honest. My go-to Garage in Vancouver.

- Tara T.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
Chris and the team at Midas on Main provide excellent service. They take the time to inform me, and they work hard to deliver above expectations. Thank you!

- Teresa B.

I just keep on going back   5 of 5 stars
Been goings to these guys for years. Never felt that they've tried to do more than required. They've never tried to hose me on a bill.

- Levor G.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
The staff at Midas never fail to make me feel comfortable and heard. Very friendly staff. They remembered me almost right away! Would recommend to friends and family!

- Omega R.

Efficient and friendly staff   5 of 5 stars
We have brought our car to Midas on Main Street various times over the past three years. The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and above all go out of their way to find us the best price on parts. Their manager Antonio has provided us with exceptional customer service and ensures quick turnover when working on our vehicle.

- Sheri L.

Car check up   5 of 5 stars
I received a great custom service. I had a fews questions about my car, all have been answered and explained to me. And a full check up, and a fews repaire have been made. An overall good experience

- Audrey H.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
Very nice staff, and great service. Would reccomend

- Tara T.

Great service   5 of 5 stars
Very professional, had a couple problems which they called to inform me about and fixed at a reasonable price. Will definitely return.

- Dixie T.

Honest, reliable and competitive prices   5 of 5 stars
I had been recommended Midas by a friend and they did not disappoint. It was easy to book and a very friendly experience throughout. They only did work that needed doing and reassuringly suggested that some work didn't need doing. I recommended them and I will continue to use them from now on.

- Will S.

Recent 6 month servicing   5 of 5 stars
By chance I met Antonio, who had previously worked at Varsity Motors (a personal favourite). Once I knew you had Courtesy cars I was your customer! You were excellent at being in touch by phone and the service by the mechanics was appreciated. Thank you. Judy

- Judy L.

My 1966 Buick Wildcat Covertible   4 of 5 stars
Antonio and the team at Midas were great to work with on my classic Buick. You really want a group that is competent and cares when it comes to looking after a classic car. These guys are both. Would highly recommend them.

- Skip S.

Amazing Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
My first time here at this location. I was greeted very friendly by Chris outside while he was working on a motorcycle, went inside took my information and had my car serviced I didnt have to wait so long as I had expected it would be. I will definitely come back to this shop always to have my car serviced. Thank you Chris and Paul

- Mauricio F.

Quick and Easy   5 of 5 stars
These guys got me set up with a new set of tires, the exact ones I wanted. Got them in and had them installed within 24hrs at a great price. Super helpful staff.

- Jarrett Z.

FABULOUS   5 of 5 stars
It's hard to find a great place to take your car especially if you are a female! mechanics seem to take advantage of that! But here at Midas I felt welcome and they went over everything with me and I felt great getting my car repaired there! The other amazing part is when i walked into the shop to drop off my car the waiting room was full of woman getting their car fixed! The price was reasonable! It was hard to find the part for my car but they found it! Thanks Midas for making this Female feel safe and not taken advantage of!!!!!

- Monique C.

Loyal customer   5 of 5 stars
I have been going to the Main St. location for over 10 years. Every visit has been very good. The staff is amazing. Always friendly and accommodating. I often recommend them to friends.

- Sabine M.

Great Service As Always   5 of 5 stars
As always Midas on Main offers excellent service. It is a nice change to be able to trust a shop and their employees! Antonio always goes over and above to keep you fully informed about the work they are doing and what is best for your vehicle.

- Garrett H.

Great Service -- Great Staff !!!!   5 of 5 stars
This is my second review of the Midas on Main Street and I can't say enough good things about how I was treated by the staff and the excellent quality of work that was done on my vehicle. I used to take my vehicle to Victoria, because I couldn't find a service provider that I felt I could trust. My son recommended Midas on Main and I have never been happier!!!! I would recommend Midas on Main to anyone. Well Done!!!

- Ken F.

Prompt quality service   5 of 5 stars
I was at Midas first thing this morning with a concern regarding a loud noise that started last night coming from the back of my vehicle. I did not know whether to drive to work - I was not able to leave the car in repair for the day and I did not want to cause further damage or problems on the road by taking a chance to drive. Tony was great! He calmly and promptly took a look at the vehicle and told me what was wrong and that it was not safe to drive. With that said, I agreed to do the repair which was done in less than 2 hours at a reasonable cost! I was able to go to work and with a piece of mind knowing my vehicle was in good hands. Great job guys!

- ivana g.

Special Care, Excellent Service   5 of 5 stars
The Midas on Main staff have shown excellent care and attention to the special needs of restoring my 1965 Mustang to sound operation. Fab is a seasoned expert and been so helpful with addressing various mechanical issues. I trust Fab, Chris and Paul with my car.

- John C.

Amazing Service & Auto Experts   5 of 5 stars
Midas is my go to car repair service center. I've been a customer since 2015. Service is done with speed and honesty. Antonio is a pleasure to deal with.

- Helen W.

Great Service   5 of 5 stars
This was m first time at Main Street Midas and I was more than happy!!! The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and ethical!!! It's great to find a service centre that I can trust and will do a good job.

- Ken F.

Love Main St Location   5 of 5 stars
I have been really pleased with the service, the kindness, the efficiency and the professionalism of the Midas Main Street Location. I have a car that needed a lot of attention for the last year, With the help of the staff, i learned each time a bit more about my car, and feel safe to drive it around. Antonio always go far and beyond to find the best prices and solutions for you. I recommend this location greatly


Amazing Team and Service   5 of 5 stars
I have a rare vehicle and had it at an expert prior to trying my local Midas. I can say with years of experience on my Land Rover that these guys blow the so-called "experts" out of the water with their customer service and technical skills. I felt welcome immediately, was impressed with their technical knowledge at our first conversation and felt like I was kept informed during the whole repair process. All rare in this industry. They cut the estimate sheet from the previous shop in half. Not by just saying "this and that can wait". They showed me in the shop what actually needed to be done and what was in fact not requiring replacement. Their pricing is excellent and the satisfaction I had driving off their lot in a vehicle that was in better shape after they had it in the hands of their technicians...priceless. They've gained a new client and I've already sent my other Land Rover in for some heavy repairs. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat.


Outstanding Customer Service   5 of 5 stars
I am so happy I have found Midas on Main Street. The staff is very friendly and the customer service is outstanding. Particularly, Antonio has gone over and above to make me feel confident in their work as well as their honesty. They are very transparent with their work and do everything they can to solve problems. The mechanic working on my truck - Brian (I believe) also has done outstanding work, even providing old parts he has in his stock pile to repair random things on my truck. Can't say enough how pleased I am with the service! 100% recommend using Midas on Main St!

- Garrett H.

Professional and Comprehensive Service   5 of 5 stars
The Midas team on Main St. is professional, ethical, comprehensive, and friendly. I have been going for years and am extremely pleased with the service, detailed reports, and education provided.

- Zul K.

Trustworthy service   5 of 5 stars
You can leave your vehicle with Midas with confidence knowing that essential services will be done, recommended service will be offered and all done at a reasonable price.

- David F.

Excellent Service!   5 of 5 stars
I have become a loyal customer of this Midas location. I have 2 vehicles that I trust to Miles and his amazing staff. I originally came to them for brake repairs, but discovered the technicians here do so much more. They fixed a dangerous gas leak for our beloved family minivan and saved it from the scrapyard. They are excellent at explaining the service required, offering estimates, and stand by their work. They have a clean shop, offer coffee if you have to wait, and are so helpful! I would recommend this shop to anyone, and have!

- Allice C.

stay with the shop   5 of 5 stars
excellent services. I've been using spontaneous oil change services until came to this shop.

- Selene S.

Fantastic service!   5 of 5 stars
Everyone who drives needs a reliable mechanic. Finding one isn't so easy! I highly recommend the guys at 1688 Main St Midas in Vancouver. I tried them out because of an oil change special they ran a couple of years ago, and have been going to them for everything car related since then. They've earned my trust 100%. The owner is awesome, and he hires quality people. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed!!

- Michael R.

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    • Anti-lock Brake System repair and replacement
    • Brake adjustment
    • Brake fluid testing and replacement
    • Brake pad replacement
    • Brake shoe replacement
    • Brake System Evaluation
    • Brake System Inspection
    • Brake System Visual Check
    • Caliper repair and replacement
    • Drum reconditioning and replacement
    • Rotor reconditioning and replacement
    • Wheel bearing repair and replacement
    • Wheel cylinder repair and replacement
    • Loaner Car
    • CV axle repair and replacement
    • Driveshaft repair and replacement
    • Motor mount replacement
    • Transmission mount replacement
    • U-joint repair and replacement
    • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
    • Emissions Repair
    • Ignition Wire replacement
    • Spark plug replacement
    • Timing belt replacement
    • Catalytic converter repair and replacement
    • Exhaust pipe repair and replacement
    • Flex-pipe repair and replacement
    • High-Performance Exhaust installation and replacement
    • Manifold repair and replacement
    • Muffler repair and replacement
    • Oxygen sensor repair and replacement
    • Tail pipe repair and replacement
    • Fleet service
    • Air Conditioning System Check
    • Compressor repair and replacement
    • Condenser repair and replacement
    • Coolant hose repair and replacement
    • Engine Block heater installation and repair
    • Evaporator repair and replacement
    • Heater core repair and replacement
    • Radiator repair and replacement
    • Refrigerant evacuate & recharge
    • Thermostat repair and replacement
    • Water pump repair and replacement
    • Fuel filter replacement
    • Fuel injector repair and replacement
    • Fuel pump repair and replacement
    • Fuel tank repair and replacement
    • Accessory belt replacement
    • Cabin air filter replacement
    • Coolant drain and fill
    • Coolant system flush
    • Differential fluid drain and fill
    • Engine air filter replacement
    • Fuel filter replacement
    • Fuel System Cleaning
    • Headlight replacement
    • Lift support replacement
    • Lighting repair and replacement
    • Oil & Filter Change
    • Power steering fluid drain and fill
    • Power steering fluid system flush
    • Serpentine belt replacement
    • Transfer case fluid drain and fill
    • Transmission fluid drain and fill
    • Transmission fluid system flush
    • Wiper blade replacement
    • Rental cars
    • Alternator repair and replacement
    • Battery testing and replacement
    • Starter repair and replacement
    • Starting/Charging System Check
    • Ball joint repair and replacement
    • Coil spring repair and replacement
    • Leaf spring repair and replacement
    • Rack & pinion repair and replacement
    • Shock & Strut mount repair and replacement
    • Shock repair and replacement
    • Steering component repair and replacement
    • Strut repair and replacement
    • Tie rod end repair and replacement
    • Custom wheels
    • Flat repair
    • Tire & wheel replacement
    • Tire Inspection
    • Tire mounting
    • Tire rotation
    • TPMS recalibration
    • TPMS repair and replacement
    • Wheel balancing
    • Winter tire mounting and storage
    • 4-wheel alignment
    • Alignment Check
    • Thrust-angle alignment


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