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Your safety is our priority. Count on Midas for Tires, Brakes, Oil, Everything. Call to schedule.Count on Midas for Tires, Brakes, Oil, Everything.Count on Midas for Tires, Brakes, Oil, Everything.Count on Midas for Tires, Brakes, Oil, Everything.Find a Store
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Cudahy, WI

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 equips your vehicle with more than one possible tire size during production. Please select the size installed on your vehicle from the available options.Your vehicle came from the factory with staggered fitments. This means the front and rear tires are sized differently. Tire options will be displayed in pairs but can be purchased individually.

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The size is listed on the sidewall of the tire.

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New Tires at Midas cudahy, WI

We’ll mount and install your tires, and make sure there aren’t other issues that could reduce the ride quality and life of your new tires. We also take care of wheel alignment which helps your tires last longer, improves gas mileage and provides safer handling. Midas technicians will inspect, rotate and balance your tires according to your vehicle manufacture’s schedule.

Shop for tires online, give us a call at 414-914-5089, or stop by the store.



5550 South Packard Avenue

Cudahy, WI 53110

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The Midas Tire Promise

Tire Services

Included with purchase of 4 tires:

  • Free tire rotation every 5,000 miles
  • Free re-balance every 5,000 miles
  • Free inspection for irregular wear/conditions
  • Free tire air pressure check

Price Match Guarantee

At Midas, we challenge ourselves every day to make sure that you always get the lowest tire price. We'll even check other local competitor's websites with you at our sales counter. If you provide an "installed, out the door price" written quote from a local tire retailer we will match it.

Free Flat Tire Repair*

We will repair your flat tire for free, even if you did not purchase your tire from us. We will assess your tire damage, and the performance of a puncture repair following industry standard procedures. If your tire cannot be repaired we will review some options to consider. This program applies to most passenger cars and light truck tires and does not include new TPMS sensor or TPMS reset.

Free Alignment Check

Proper wheel alignment is extremely important to protect your tire investment and tire life, maximize fuel economy and stop safely in wet weather conditions. At Midas, we will check your alignment for free.

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