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What if you need off-road capability, but you do plenty of road driving too? Mud tires can tackle the terrain, but it’ll be a bumpy ride home on the highway. Highway tires offer a comfy commute, but they’re no match for the mountain.

You can decide not to decide. Get all-terrain tires. They’re built for your off-road life -- and for the road that takes you there.

All-terrain tires are good for driving in both off-road and on-road conditions without buying multiple tires for those purposes. They are the best off-road tires for highway comfort, noise control, and fuel economy. And many AT tires offer great for traction control in icy, snowy, or wet conditions. Dedicated mud tires, winter tires, and highway tires outperform AT tires in the conditions they’re designed for, but all-terrain tires offer the most versatility for drivers who need to go off-road.

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