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That knocking sound in your engine is about as welcome as a brightly lit Check Engine alert. But they’re both warning you about possible engine or exhaust problems. A failed emission test could be in your future, or even a sudden stall on the road, so it’s best to tackle your engine trouble before it gets worse.

Midas offers these engine services:

When you come to Midas for engine service, you’ll get an expert diagnostic check, a thorough explanation of your engine problem, and a written estimate before we make any repairs.

The following problems often indicate an engine problem:

  • You have problems starting your vehicle
  • Your engine has started producing unfamiliar noises or odors
  • Your vehicle stalls
  • Your Check Engine light comes on

Your engine will be visually inspected as part of every routine Midas Closer Look Vehicle Check™1.

Why is my car making a knocking noise?

Your engine can make a knocking noise for several reasons -- most of which can be addressed with simple repairs or routine maintenance:

  • A problem with the fuel air mixture (most common cause)
  • Low quality fuel
  • Bad spark plugs
  • Deposits forming on the engine's cylinder walls
  • An overheated engine or low coolant level

What does engine knocking sound like?

Engine knocking sounds like metallic pinging, like metal objects being shaken in a tin can.

Why is my car stalling?

In vehicles with automatic transmission, stalling usually indicates a problem that needs a mechanic’s attention. Vehicles with manual transmission (stick shift) can stall as a result of poor clutch pedal engagement. Here are some common problems that can cause your vehicle to stall:

  • Problems with the idling and fuel systems
  • Improper air supply
  • Electrical problems
  • Poor engine timing

The experienced mechanics at your local Midas can help you decide what to do when your engine fails. We’ll outline your options and provide written estimates before making any repairs.

Better yet, make Midas your partner for preventive maintenance to keep your engine running (and running well) as long as possible.

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