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You hope it’s this simple: an oncoming driver flashes their lights, so you check your headlights and pick up a replacement bulb. With the new bulb in place, you can see clearly again, and other drivers can see you. (With just one working headlight, other drivers can misjudge your distance from them, or mistake four-wheeled vehicles for motorcycles. With no working headlights, the hazard is even greater.)

But sometimes you can’t easily reach the burned-out bulb, and sometimes the bulb isn’t the problem. That’s when you need a trained Midas technician to replace your bulb or diagnose your headlight problem.

  • Replacing headlight bulbs
  • Checking the electrical system: power, fuses, relays, modules, switches, wiring.
  • Checking the igniter and other components of HID (or Xenon) headlights
  • Headlight aiming to remedy dark spots on the road in front of you.

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