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Is this your bad weather driving routine?

  1. Turn on windshield wipers.
  2. Cringe at the sound of worn wiper blades scraping across your windshield.
  3. Squint at the streaks left on your windshield.
  4. Promise yourself a new set of wipers the very next time you’re out.
  5. Forget about it until the next time it rains.
  6. Repeat.

How about switching to a Midas maintenance routine? We’ll take a look at your wipers as part of every Midas Closer Look Vehicle Check™1, and can replace them before they squeak.

Are your wipers whining right now? Break the cycle before the rainy season hits. Request an appointment today.

Replace your windshield wipers when they no longer effectively clear your windshield view (quietly). In addition to the distracting noises an aging wiper can make, a windshield obscured by water, dirt, or streaking can be a safety hazard. Severely worn-out windshield wipers can even scratch your windshield. Here are some signs that it’s time for new wipers:

  • Dirt, debris, or streaking left behind on the windshield - Your wipers are no longer doing their job of clearing your view of the road. The rubber edges are damaged, or the blade assembly is misaligned.
  • The sound of rubber on glass - That squeak, squeal, or whine is the drag of your wiper blades because they’re weighed down with debris, or they’ve become too stiff to glide smoothly across the glass surface.
  • Chattering sound - That sound is your wiper blade failing to make full contact with your windshield. If your windshield and wipers are clean, the chattering sound means your wiper arm is bent (or the blade is too stiff). If you can’t adjust the wiper to restore full contact, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Wiper blades skipping across the windshield - Another sign of stiffening rubber or a misaligned blade assembly.
  • Visibly peeling or fraying wipers - Replace them now before they scratch your windshield!
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  1. Midas Closer Look Vehicle Check™ includes visual checks of brakes, battery, air filter, fluids, belts, and hoses.

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