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You’re not always happy to see it, but the Check Engine light is an important cue about a problem in your engine, exhaust system, or battery. You may need help to decipher the cue because it’s part of the OBD System. In modern vehicles, the OBD system monitors your emissions system and triggers the Check Engine light for a variety of issues, from the fuel cap to the catalytic converter.

So don’t ignore the Check Engine light. Midas Technicians speak OBD II, and we’ll translate your Check Engine light’s message. We’ll tell you what’s happening with your engine or emissions system, and provide a written estimate before making any needed repairs.

The check engine light usually indicates a need to replace one or more parts of your engine or exhaust system: the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor or spark plugs and wires. It can also indicate a loose or faulty gas cap, a vacuum leak, an exhaust gas recirculation valve failure, a dead battery, or a problem with an aftermarket car alarm.

A solid Check Engine light should be diagnosed at your earliest convenience. A flashing Check Engine light should send you right to your nearest service station -- the problem may be urgent.

Is it OK if my Check Engine light comes on briefly at startup?

All dash indicator lights turn on and then off when the car starts as a quick system check. This on-off behavior also shows your service technician which bulbs may be burned out.

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