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When your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) lights up, one or more of your tires might be under-inflated. Or your TPMS system itself might need service -- from a simple reset to new seals to a TPMS sensor replacement.

Your Midas technician can check your tire pressure, tell you why the light is on, and make sure your TPMS is working to alert you to any dangerous loss of tire pressure.

The TPMS light is a dashboard alert that lets you know when one or more of your tires is under-inflated. Depending on your vehicle, tire pressure is monitored either by your ABS system or by a battery-powered sensor mounted on each wheel or tire. Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an important safety feature because under-inflated tires pose an increased blowout risk. TPMS is also a cost-saving feature because low tire pressure shortens tire life. An under-inflated tire wears down prematurely at the edges.

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  • Midas Closer Look Vehicle Check™ includes visual checks of brakes, battery, air filter, fluids, belts, and hoses.

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