Midas Touch® Maintenance Package


It’s like a spa treatment for your car.

Why choose the Midas Touch® Maintenance package?

Why choose the Midas Touch® Maintenance package?­ Because routine car maintenance can help you avoid roadside breakdowns, reduce costly repairs and, most importantly, help keep your vehicle safe, reliable and running longer.

Not planning on keeping your vehicle? Showing potential buyers a consistent auto maintenance record can be a key factor in maintaining resale value, clinching the sale and getting the price you want.

At Midas, we have access to the maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle’s original manufacturer*.­ And we can turn that knowledge into a specific auto maintenance plan.

The Midas Touch® Maintenance Package is a great way to get your vehicle maintenance program up and running. It consists of an oil and filter change, Midas Touch® Courtesy Check and a four wheel tire rotation. Use the quick link in the gold bar to Schedule an appointment today.

*Subject to availability.

Midas Touch® Courtesy Check

The Midas Touch® Courtesy Check is a multi-point visual inspection that helps identify areas that could need attention. And it provides you with the comfort that comes with knowing the condition of your vehicle.

For your car or truck, it’s like a routine physical, with our expert technicians conducting a visual check of many of the items that are found on your preventive auto maintenance plan.

Courtesy Check Features
Major Systems and Components

Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Steering, Starting and Charging, Heating and Cooling, Lighting

Under-the-Hood Items

Battery, Radiator, Water Pump, Air Filter, Belts and Hoses


Engine Oil, Coolant, Transmission, Power Steering, Brake, Windshield Washer

Under-the-Vehicle Items

Shocks and Struts, Brake and Fuel Lines, Exhaust System, Driveline


Tread Depth, Wear Patterns, Inflation Pressure, Overall Condition

Four Wheel Tire Rotation

Everyone knows that tires play an important role in your vehicle’s handling and performance.­ But many people forget that proper tire maintenance, along with monitoring tire pressure, tread depth and performing regular tire rotations, are all safety issues.

Consider these Car Care Council statistics:

  • Only 14% of drivers properly check their tire pressure.
  • Nearly 70% don’t know how to tell if their tires are bald.
  • 45% wrongly believe that if taking a trip with a fully loaded vehicle, they’re better off with tires that are slightly under inflated.

To help keep you from landing on the wrong side of these statistics, Midas technicians are committed to proper tire maintenance.

Remember, tire pressure should be checked at least once a month.

Well maintained tires help ensure you’re receiving the proper level of traction and road-hugging performance; as well as the ability to funnel water out from under the tire to reduce hydroplaning.

Rotating your tires can help even out tire wear rates by mounting each tire in as many of the vehicle’s wheel positions as possible.

That’s why the Midas Touch® Maintenance Package comes with a 4 wheel tire rotation, Midas Touch® Courtesy Check and an oil & filter change.

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