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Fixing Cars. Igniting Change.

Lack of transportation is a barrier for millions of Americans and Canadians. Midas is committed to helping address this.

Across the U.S. and Canada, in communities large and small, our Franchisees and their teams are assisting families who have hit a bump in the road and helping them get their lives back on track by giving them the gift of safe and reliable transportation.

We call this commitment Project Spark.

Helping Grace and her two children

It's heartwarming to hear about people like North Vancouver Midas franchisee owner Chris Vo-Vu stepping in to help others in challenging situations. Acts of kindness can make a significant impact on the lives of others. When Chris heard the story of Grace and her children, he felt compelled to help. A widow, Grace had an unreliable vehicle that was putting extra stress on an already unfortunate situation. Chris wasted no time stepping in to help Grace and her two children. Watch the Project Spark video to learn more.

Helping Danyel get where she needs to go

Danyel, a single mother who had faced challenging times, didn't have reliable transportation which made it difficult to regain stability and care for her son. Not having access to transportation was a significant barrier for Danyel, forcing her to depend on others' schedules and limiting her ability to work towards her goals. But then, the incredible partnership between Midas in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and Project Spark stepped in and changed the course of Danyel's life forever.

Lives We’ve Already Touched

Meet some of the families we’ve helped. Watch their stories here.

Four cars for 4 families

From struggling to get to work and school, to feeling the judgment and stares from others, the lives of four people were significantly... impacted when Midas Palmetto Garage Works gave these deserving individuals a life-changing gift. All four got keys to their own new vehicles - a Chevy Tahoe, Ford Escape, Grand Marquis, and Chevy Impala. The impact of these vehicles gives them and their families a newfound sense of freedom, the ability to maintain steady employment, and the opportunity to attend important appointments and activities without the worry of how to get there. #MidasPGWCares

A Mother’s Day to Remember

What better occasion to bring joy and make a lasting impact than on Mother's Day? From volunteers who selflessly donated their time... to single mothers who received the surprising gift of reliable transportation, their stories moved us and highlighted the power of community and compassion. In addition to the cars, each mother was presented with a $250 gas card, ensuring they could hit the road, explore, and create new adventures with their loved ones in Minnesota.

Stepping up for Faith and her family

Graham's 4-year-old daughter Faith has been in and out of Kingston General Hospital for the past couple of years with health complications... requiring major surgeries. As a result, Faith is now confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. With Graham having to travel three to four hours to and from the hospital frequently, the lack of a reliable vehicle was a constant source of stress and worry. That's when the Midas Corporation's Project Spark stepped in with a fully restored van.

‘Thank you for your service’

Chris and Lauren are a young couple in the Twin Cities who both served in the military. Despite their busy lives, raising three children and... juggling their military responsibilities, they faced the challenge of transportation. Walking miles to work and back, they needed a reliable vehicle to meet the needs of their growing family. Through the generosity of Midas, they were presented with a fully repaired family van, allowing them to fulfill their dreams and spend more quality time together.

Helping Henry

Henry, a dedicated basketball coach and an incredible individual, faced a devastating accident while on a family vacation. With his legs fully... severed, everyday tasks became incredibly challenging for him. A local family in the community witnessed Henry's extraordinary coaching skills and decided to take action. They rallied the support of Midas Project Spark to donate a modified van fully equipped with wheelchair access and hand controls.

Instant Carma for a family in need

Determined to provide for his family after experiencing a tragic loss, Damon wanted a fresh start and made the difficult decision to relocate... to Sacramento, where he faced the struggle of finding affordable housing while balancing the needs of his wife and four-year-old daughter. But the community rallied around Damon, and in partnership with Midas, joined forces through Project Spark to provide Damon with a much-needed vehicle to enable Damon's daughter to attend school without the added stress of commuting on a bicycle.

A total lift for Tiffani

Tiffani, a hardworking and dedicated director of a homeless shelter, found herself in desperate need of a car. With a daily commute of 47 miles... and the responsibility of managing her children's activities, she faced numerous challenges. A group of community members in Ann Arbor connected with Project Spark to step in and help Tiffani by providing her with a much-needed vehicle.

A big assist for a busy mom

Jasmine wanted to give her three kids everything she never had. From working two jobs to juggling hectic schedules, Jasmine's mornings begin... at 5 am when she drops her children off at different locations in Philadelphia before heading to her first job of the day. Life threw a curveball her way when the family car was taken away, forcing Jasmine to spend approximately five hours a day on a bus. Midas Project Spark gifted Jasmine with a fully repaired car, enabling her to fulfill her daily responsibilities and dreams.

Fixing it forward for Dorsey

Dorsey was facing financial struggles that came with his wife Sharon's battle against breast cancer, and these constraints prevented him from... fixing his car after it broke down. Midas Project Spark presented Dorsey and Sharon with a car... and Dorsey's reaction was priceless.

U.S. vet gets an unexpected gift

Tim was 18 years old when his brother was killed in the line of duty. To honor his memory, as well as bring awareness and fundraise for families... of fallen officers, Tim created a foundation and took on the challenge of rucking with a full sack for 35 miles. The Marine Corps. instilled in Tim strong values of community and taking care of others, yet when he faced his own set of challenges including not having a reliable vehicle, Tim found it difficult to ask for help. His dedication and selflessness caught the attention of Mr. Adria and the Midas team, who repaired a car for Tim and his family, ensuring that he can continue his mission and always be there to give back.

What People are Saying

Inside Edition

Jasmine, of Philadelphia, didn't have a car and was spending five hours a day on the bus getting her three children to the places they needed to go, until Midas stepped in. Read more about Jasmine's story

We Can’t Do It Alone

The original 1-800-Charity-Cars Providing Donated Vehicles to Struggling Families

We're just getting started and need your help. We're working with our friends at 1-800-Charity Cars and their network of charity organizations to find cars and deserving families. The best way you can help spark a difference is by donating your car. It can make a world of difference for a family in need.

Family Promise

We’ve partnered with Family Promise who’s mission is to help families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response. Their aspiration is to change the lives of 1 million children by 2030.

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