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Here’s how your car heater is supposed to work:

  1. Get into car, turn on ignition, adjust heating controls.
  2. Shiver patiently as cold air blows into your cabin, confident that warm air is coming soon.
  3. Reach your destination in comfort.

But sometimes your heater stops on Step 2. Something breaks in your vehicle’s HVAC system or disrupts coolant flow from your engine radiator. Bundle up and head to Midas.

Our Midas Auto Service Experts® take the time to thoroughly explain why your heater just won’t heat, and discuss the best options for your budget. We’ll provide a written estimate before making any repairs. Request an appointment today.

Cold air from your heater is normal for the first few minutes of operation. If the air from your vents doesn’t heat up shortly, you’ve got a problem with your heater or your coolant. Your heating system borrows coolant (water + antifreeze) from the engine radiator, so if there isn’t enough coolant for both systems, the engine gets the available coolant. Another possible culprit: your engine’s water pump is failing to recirculate coolant back to the radiator – again leading to a coolant shortage for the heater.

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