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Your vehicle’s brake system has one job – to stop your vehicle. But it takes dozens of components working together to do that job. And each component has a different replacement cycle.

That’s why Midas developed the 55-point brake inspection at the heart of our Secure Stop® brake service. First our experienced Midas Auto Service Experts® conduct a no-stone-unturned investigation of every component of your brake system. We check the usual suspects, like brake pads and fluid leaks. And we track down sneakier culprits, like slowly leaking power brake booster seals that could one day stall your vehicle. If we diagnose a problem with your brakes, we offer an objective view of what’s most urgent and what can wait. We take the time to thoroughly explain your vehicle’s condition, and provide a written estimate before making any repairs.

A brake inspection should always include a thorough examination of your entire brake system from the pedal to the rotors and drums (the brake parts attached to your wheels). Along the way, your brake lines should be checked for leaks and proper hydraulic pressure. Even your external brake lights should be tested.

At Midas, Secure Stop® brake service includes a 55-point brake inspection covering these major components (and their smaller parts, such as seals and connectors):

  • Dashboard alerts such as BRAKE and ABS Lights
  • Brake Pedal
  • Power Brake Booster
  • Brake Fluid Reservoir
  • Master Cylinder
  • Brake Lines/ Hoses
  • ABS Hydraulic Unit (if equipped)
  • ABS Controller & other ABS components (if equipped)
  • On Drum Brakes:
    • Backing Plate
    • Wheel Cylinder
    • Brake Shoes
    • Parking Brake/Adjuster Assembly
    • Brake Hardware
  • On Disc Brakes:
    • Hub Bearing Assembly
    • Brake Rotor (disc)
    • Brake Pads
    • Brake Pad Shims
    • Caliper Assembly
    • Brake Hardware

After the inspection, your local Midas technician will provide a written estimate to fix any brake problems they diagnose, and will help you prioritize what needs immediate attention (and what can wait) before making the repairs.

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