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Why high mileage oil? To keep older engines healthy as long as possible. High mileage oil contains additives that condition your engine’s rubber seals, reduce friction on metal parts, and clear away sludge. High mileage oil is intended for vehicles with 75,000+ miles or signs of engine wear.1 Switching to high mileage oil when your vehicle hits 75,000 miles or so may offer many benefits:

  • Reduce oil consumption.
  • Reduce smoke & emissions.
  • Treat and prevent leaks.
  • Prevent sludge build-up.
  • Maintain and restore compression.
  • Minimize wear on engine parts.
  • Delay the need for major engine repair.

High mileage oils contain additives that help prolong engine life and maximize performance in three ways: detergent to eliminate sludge, conditioner to keep rubber seals and gaskets flexible, and additives to lubricate broken-in metal parts and maintain compression.

How does high mileage oil work? As your engine ages, rubber distorts and becomes brittle, so your engine’s seals don’t quite seal anymore. Meanwhile, friction wears down the moving parts, at least to a broken-in state. Both issues open tiny gaps in your engine system, causing problems like oil leaks, oil burning, extra friction, and loss of compression in your engine’s cylinders. Your engine performance suffers, you go through more oil, and the metal parts wear out faster. But the conditioners in high mileage oil chemically react with your seals and gaskets to keep the rubber flexible. The detergents can prevent sludge and eliminate sludge buildup. And high mileage oil is thickened to the higher end of each viscosity range, to fill in those gaps in the seals and metal part connections. This higher base viscosity also pampers your metal components with generous lubrication without exceeding your vehicle’s oil specifications.

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  • Always check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine if your vehicle requires high mileage oil.
  • In an analysis released on June 27, 2019, IHS Markit found the average age of light vehicles in operation (VIO) in the United States to be 11.8 years. Learn more about the AAA oil study.

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