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What is a synthetic oil change?

Conventional motor oil is a refined crude oil product. Synthetic motor oil is a man-made product produced from a variety of highly engineered ingredients. Full synthetic oil offers the best lubrication, stability, viscosity retention, and sludge prevention. These features of synthetic oil translate to better gas mileage, smoother performance, and better protection against engine wear compared to conventional oil. Plus, vehicles that use synthetic oil usually have longer oil change intervals. That’s more convenient for you and better for the environment.

Is synthetic oil right for your car? Learn more about the Differences Between Conventional And Synthetic Oil.

In a 2017 study1 by AAA, full synthetic oil offered 47% more engine protection than conventional oil. Learn more about Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil.

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  • In a study released on June 7, 2017, AAA compared multiple brands of conventional and synthetic engine oil in eight industry-standard tests: shear stability, deposit formation, volatility, cold-temperature pumpability, oxidation resistance, and oxidation-induced rheological changes. Learn more about the AAA oil study.

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