Hunger is a daily reality for many

Midas is working with local food banks to bring food, funds and hands-on assistance to hunger relief efforts in the communities where our customers and associates live and work.



Why Hunger Relief - and Why Midas?

Nearly 50 million people in U.S. and Canada are food insecure, meaning they do not know where their next meal is coming from. The face of hunger is often misunderstood, effecting people across all walks of life - some of Midas' own local dealers experienced hunger as children. As one of the world's largest franchises, there are locally-owned Midas shops in every state and province in North America. Hunger is everywhere - and so are we. For 59 years, we've built our reputation by working hard to make peoples' lives easier - Drive Out Hunger is an extension of that.

Drive Out Hunger in Action

Across the U.S. and Canada, Midas owners and operators are working with local food banks to bring food, funds and hands-on assistance to hunger relief efforts in the communities where our customers and associates live and work. We’re proud to share some of their stories.


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Awesome efforts in Alberta

This passionate group of 54 Albertans has managed to raise $18,545 and over 2,000 lbs. of food across their eight Midas shops for the Edmonton Food Bank. In addition to donating $1 of every oil change performed, the shops also offer a $5 coupon to all customers who bring in a non-perishible food item. The Alberta Midas team even won the Drive Out Hunger photo contest, netting them an additional $6,301 in donation dollars! The team plans to use the funds to create a 'Midas Garden' with the food bank, which will provide fresh produce to people in need.

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Mahalo to Midas in Hawaii

Midas Hawaii has worked with the Hawaii Foodbank for years because they believe it's important to give back to the community that supports their business. On top of collecting food and funds at their ten local shops around the state,­ they also offer $1 off safety checks for every canned food item a­ customer drops off.­­

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Making it matter in Minnesota

Adam Stranik and the managers from his 9 Midas shops help­pack food boxes at the Second Harvest Heartland Food Bank. On top of donating their time, every shop brings food to donate that was collected from their waiting rooms. They'll also be donating an additional $6,000 this holiday season!

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Rochester keeps it in the family

Midas of Rochester's volunteer nights have become a family affair - including wives, children and friends. They're­ all happy to be helping the community and supporting the Channel One food bank! They've ­also committed to donating $1 of every oil change to the food bank.

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Columbus collects cans & more!

Charlie Sutton and his ­Midas shop ­in Columbus, Georgia donated over 63,000­ meals from his oil change promotion in additon to hundreds of pounds­ of canned food to Feeding the Valley Food Bank! Thanks for making a difference, Charlie.­

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Battling hunger in Baltimore

Baltimore’s #1Mile1Meal tour stop was truly a family affair! With the help of friends and families of Midas employees, Marie Mohns and her shop collected nearly 1,000 lbs. of food for the Maryland Food Bank!

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Driving Out Hunger from the Atlantic to the Pacific

The West Coast knows how to Drive Out Hunger! On the Los Angeles #1Mile1Meal tour stop, Ashok Prasad and his shop raised nearly 2,000 meals for the Interfaith Food Center.

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A ton of food in Sierra Vista

With the help of the community and a local DJ, Tony D’Andrea’s shop in Sierra Vista, Arizona collected over 1 TON of food for the­ Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona­ on their #1Mile1Meal tour stop!

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Father and sons fight hunger

George Panayides and his two sons banded together on their #1Mile1Meal tour stop to support their local food bank. With hundreds of dollars in prize giveaways, the team in St. Louis collected close to 4,000 lbs. of food for the St. Louis Area Foodbank. That’s two TONS!­

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Making it matter in the Mile-High City

Judd Shader and his Midas shop in Denver, Colorado­ didn’t disappoint on their #1Mile1Meal tour stop. They collected nearly 1,000 lbs of food for the Food Bank of the Rockies!­

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Fighting hunger on the Fourth

Greg Millan and his shop in Scottsdale, Arizona spent his Fourth of July fighting hunger in his community. On his #1Mile1Meal tour stop, Greg and his family collected nearly 3,500 lbs. for St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance!

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Let’s talk hunger in Toronto

Our friends to the north in Toronto, Ontario didn’t let a little rain slow things down at their #1Mile1Meal tour stop! They collected over 1,000 lbs of food and donated an additional $1,710 to the ­North York Harvest Food Bank.

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Free oil changes to fight hunger

In order to increase turnout at their #1Mile1Meal tour stop, Kevin Meidt and his shop in Toledo, Ohio offered free oil change coupons for anyone who showed up with a food donation. The result? Over 3,000 lbs. of food was collected for Harvesters - The Community Food Network!

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3,000 lbs. of food in Albany

As a tour stop on the #1Mile1Meal hunger-fighting road trip, Albany collected 15 boxes worth of food for the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. That’s over 3,000 lbs!­

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South Burlington gets creative

Pete Ferdinand at his shop in­ South Burlington, VT is donating $1 from­ every oil change to a local food bank!­ To make things a little more creative, he­ has his ­customers­ sign­ their name on a Drive Out Hunger sticker and post ­it on the shop wall. The walls are completely covered!­

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Making a change with oil changes

Kevin and Sherrie Gibson in Stratford, Ontario donate $1 from every oil change to the Salvation Army and the House of Blessing Food Bank. So far this year they've raised $828.00 for each organization respectively!

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Texas doubles up

A $3,000 donation to the North Texas Food Bank ­by­ Mike Pace was matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor, and will feed hundreds of hungry families in his­ community. Mike, owner of several north Texas Midas locations, will­ keep­ the momentum rolling as he heads ­to Austin to make a similar donation to a food bank in that area. Keep an eye out for a new Customer Appreciation campaign at one of Mike’s Midas locations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, which will grant discounts when customers donate food. ­


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Midas dealers take it 1Meal1Mile at a time

We need your help! This summer, we're traveling all across North America to Drive Out Hunger. For every use of #1Mile1Meal on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram we'll drive another mile and donate another meal. Our goal: 10,000 miles, 40 days, 25 cities. Use #1Mile1Meal to keep us moving and donate a meal to a community food bank! Watch this short video to learn more about our incredible journey.

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Solidarity in the Southwest

Franchisee Craig Hinnen owns Midas shops in Albuquerque, NM. He and his team launched their Drive Out Hunger efforts with a huge food bank volunteering day and are now donating $1 of every oil change to provide up to 5 meals at the RoadRunner Food Bank. They’ve also turned their lobbies into year-round food collection sites.

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13 shops, one mission

Midas’ Acorn Group, operators of 13 locations across Michigan, are donating $1 from every oil change to food banks like Forgotten Harvest.

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Mark Smith's pioneering programs

Mark Smith, along with his wife Patty and the associates in their four Midas locations, has spent thirteen years acting as one of Richmond's most vocal advocates for hunger relief. Mark spreads the word through emotionally engaging promotions, such as offering consumers a free state inspection in exchange for a $10 donation to the local food bank. From Mark's active membership on the board of the fourth largest food bank, FeedMore of Richmond, to weekly trips delivering backpacks of food in his pickup truck, Mark's passion and creativity in confronting hunger is boundless. He not only walks the walk, but inspires others to get involved: his efforts have truly paved the way for Midas' Drive Out Hunger program.
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All hands on deck

Eric Unrein’s shops in Kansas City are ‘all in’ with Drive Out Hunger.­ Employees and their families join in for volunteering events and the shops are donating $1 to a local food bank for every oil change. Their efforts recently made the news - watch here and read here.

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A movement in the midwest

Anyone who visits one of the 36 Midas shops owned and operated by the ASE Group in the Midwest will walk away with a sense of the deep commitment that Midas has made to hunger relief in its communities. For nearly a year, the shops have donated $1 to local food banks for every oil change they’ve done, and paired that with food drives, volunteer outings and seasonal initiatives.

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Father & son team

The 13 Midas shops within the Midlands Midas franchise group partner with Harvest Hope in Charleston and other local food banks to raise food and funds for the people in their communities. Pictured is Gus Herlong, son of franchisee Jimmy Herlong.

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Fighting hunger in the sunshine state

The teams at Angela Vogel’s West Palm Beach and Lake Worth Midas shops are volunteering at the area food bank and turning their lobbies into food collection sites!

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Fighting hunger in Midas’ birthplace

In 1956, Midas was founded by Nate Sherman in the Chicago area. Decades later, many of the Midas franchise locations in the market are helping to Drive Out Hunger by running food drives and donating $1 from every oil change to provide meals through area food banks. This pic shows Midas owner Ted Obis offering a donation to Eric Graves from the Chicago Food Depository.

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Personal becomes professional

Jeff Wolf is committed to using his three Midas shops in California’s Central Valley to help fight hunger in the community. He and his wife have long spent two Saturdays a month working with their local church’s food pantry and are now planning to bring their personal commitments into their Midas operation in the new year with the help of Drive Out Hunger. They’ve established a relationship with Second Harvest Food Bank and are planning food drives and donations-for-oil change. Why does Jeff get involved? “It’s just helping. It’s really that simple. There are a lot of people that need help.”

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The King Midas Mustang

Nick Dodgson and the folks in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They gradually rebuilt the vintage 1966 yellow ‘King Midas Mustang’ with the help of their team and community partners, all the while selling raffle tickets for a chance to win the Mustang! Proceeds of the raffle were given to charities including Needs, Inc. who provide hunger relief programs. Nick and his team have driven the attention-grabbing car to dozens of events to raise awareness for local charities.­

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Helping others runs in the family

The mother-and-son team that own and operate Midas’ Thornton, Colorado location run food drives and proudly wear Drive Out Hunger shirts to build awareness. They’re planning consumer promotions for 2015.

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Enlisting the network to help

Co-owner Karen Hinshaw's shop in Greensboro, NC has jumped right in to Drive Out Hunger with food drives for Greensboro Urban Ministry. Karen is getting everyone involved: "My guys are on board and pumped to be a part of this campaign. We're trying to spread the word to our customers and our suppliers to help us Drive Out Hunger in Greensboro.

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3,500 meals in a single day

Midas’ marketing team convened on the North Texas Food Bank to sort and pack over 3,500 meals in a single day.

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Kicking off a commitment to hunger

Franchisee Kent Smith’s team held a BBQ in Raynham, MA, inviting 1,000 members of the community - ­and giving the local food bank a donation that would provide 1,000 meals for those in need. Kent operates 19 locations across New York and New England and is planning Drive Out Hunger initiatives for 2015.

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On the airwaves

John Beaty’s shop in Valparaiso will be donating $1 of every oil change his team does for several months over the next year. He’s running radio spots to raise awareness about hunger.

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Fighting hunger up north

Jeff Lentfer and and Allen Breck’s eight Alaskan shops are donating $1 for every oil change to fight­hunger­through 2015.­ They run social media campaigns (like their recent holiday campaign that raised over 2,000 meals) and radio spots to raise awareness about­hunger­and plan on having all eight shops be food drop off locations in the Springtime when food bank supplies are low in Alaska.­

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Three-week food drive helps feed local families

Scott Accardo and his family received community support from their local church during a three-week food drive -­together they collected enough food for 80 meals. Pictured from left to right: Scott Accardo with son Brandon, wife Dana, Jan McCardle from The Samaritan Center Food Bank, and Pastor Ken Schroeder of Mandeville First Baptist Church.

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All-in for the hunger fight

Jeff Hall in Kingston, ON is rallying his team and customers to raise food and funds to fight hunger. His shop is donating $1 for every oil change to the Kingston Food Bank.


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Mettez Un Frein À La Faim

Canadian Midas owner Gary Gudbranson helps his community get involved in raising funds for his local food bank.

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Madison community swaps food for oil changes

Jeff Turner’s three Midas shops offer a free oil change in exchange for a $30 online donation to the Second Harvest food bank.

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Helping Addison’s hungry

Anil Wadhwa’s Addison, IL shop has long invited customers to donate food in exchange for an oil change, and is planning to use the launch of Drive Out Hunger to develop new programs across his shops.

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400 pounds of food to start

Mike Buschoff’s shop in Naples collected over 400 pounds of food in their first food drive, with more Drive Out Hunger programs planned for 2015.

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Drive Out Hunger on Florida's 'West Coast'

Adam Ford’s three shops in Florida are donating $1 from every oil change to fight hunger - starting in December 2014 and throughout 2015.­ The team will wear Drive Out Hunger baseball hats and t-shirts to build awareness to customers, who are invited to donate food when they visit the shop

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Food and funds

Midas’ Minneapolis shops are banding together to collect food in their lobbies while planning towards a contributing $1 donation for each oil change this fall.

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