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Tires are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. They serve as the sole connection between your car and the road. Safety technologies such as anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control are rendered ineffective if the tires lack a firm grip on the pavement.

Our highly trained technicians will assess your tires, repair, or replace your vehicle’s tires as needed. At Midas in Watauga, TX, we can match your car, truck, or SUV with the right set of tires and keep them running for miles to come. Call now at or stop by the shop at 6745 Rufe Snow Dr, Watauga, TX 76148.

Tire rotation involves moving an automobile's wheels and tires from one position to another, assuring even tire wear and prolonging the lifespan of the tire set. This is crucial because individual tires bear varying amounts of weight, causing them to wear at different rates. Rotation essentially balances out these differences. Consult your vehicle's manual for the recommended frequency for tire rotation, but typically, it's advisable to do it every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Learn more about tire rotation here.

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